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  1. Merry Christmas everyone, and happy holidays!
  2. How do we enter the raffle? It says by participating in the event, does that just mean reading the stories or..?
  3. I voted for Hershey Kisses. They're my favorite part of Christmas, because they're EVERYWHERE and taste delicious. 8) No nuts, though, plz. Just milk chocolate u.u
  4. My name can be looked at two ways.. 1 (the way I came up with it) Tibetan+Salvador because I love tibetan mastiffs and my hubby is from El Salvador 2 (the way someone thought it was and I love it) Tibetan+Adore because I adore tibetan mastiffs, therefore Tibetador
  5. I'm told I would probably be a White dragon. I took it as a compliment...they're gentle healers, pure and unblemished as eggs and much sought after. I love that they're feathered and so beautiful, so yeah.
  6. Mine were an albino, a stone, a bright-breasted wyvern, and a water dragon. All of them from the AP and all still alive today
  7. My heart was stricken with sadness, too, when I heard about Mr Jacques passing. These books were an enormous part of my adolescence and I still enjoy them today, Taggerung being my all time favorite of the books (though any that featured otters as main characters were great, IMHO) While they were repetitive in their various plots, in a way they illustrated the fact that most of our lives are much more alike than we would think and that we are always united in the most important things (heroism, love, sacrifice, sickness, adversity) I wish Redwall were a place I could go to visit, both for
  8. I'm in the "I only have one vampire" category and I have no problem biting blockers to try and get another. My first attempt failed, but I will be trying again eventually I don't feel bad killing common eggs for a vamp.
  9. ;.; (My first attempt) Should have added True Story
  10. I'm not sure, but I believe you need to make sure that the dragon spirit is truly free before you can find the rainbow chicken on the main path...I have the elusive little thing.
  11. It does recommend returning because there might be more items to find...
  12. I'm with the "it happened more when I was younger" crowd. It still happens sometimes, I just got it in the DC chat today The layout of the screen, the conversation, everything, like I'd dreamed it. It was very vivid.
  13. I thought I'd pitch in to say that I really enjoy cross stitch. It can be very time-consuming (as most knitting or sewing projects can be) but I love it. It is definitely relaxing I've also wanted to learn needle felting, the little dolls and figures are just so adorable and cute. I really admire the skill that some people have for it.
  14. Claimed, thank you so much for offering ^^
  15. Tibetador I'll take any and all unwanted inbred eggs/hatchlings that I can. Any babies I don't yet have would be enormously appreciated, I'm a newbie...hope I did this right!
  16. There is an enormous amount of cost, though, to producing a new medicine, especially under an exclusive brand (it can take years for generics or copies to be available because of the testing that must be paid for and the brand which is purchased). And like was already mentioned...the drug might make her better, it might not. If the man steals, he may be caught, and the woman might have no one to care for her. He might not know the proper way to mix her medication, the dosage to give her, or the frequency. And what happens when it runs out? Maybe it's the husband's insurance that has kept
  17. One game for PS3 that my husband played and I watched (sometimes it's the other way around, I was just lazy this time...teehee) was Enslaved. It's set in a futuristic apocalypse kind of world where machines have taken over and enslaved humanity (Terminator, anyone?)...and a girl manages to escape and falls in with a barbarian who she coerces into taking her back home, and their journey. It's a really interesting and unique plot, the scenery details are BEAUTIFUL, and the length of the game is enough to keep you interested without dragging on into eternity. It doesn't have a lot of replay
  18. Oh, gosh.. Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego (the gameshow, not the cartoon) Fresh Prince of Bel Air The Nanny America's Funniest Home Videos (the original with Bob Saggett(sp?)) Digimon (first series) Legends of the Hidden Temple Captain Planet Road Rovers Angry Beavers I was a 90s child X3
  19. #1 The dilemma says that there is no other water, but it doesn't specify no other source of hydration. There's more than one way to get hydration in the desert than actual water for survival, and cowardly as I am, I would not want to risk approaching hostile natives just for a drink. #2 I would most definitely report the flirting without hesitation. I know firsthand that suffering early on in a marriage, no matter how hurtful, is far better to be hashed out than to wait a few years to allow things to fester. Here's another interesting one: A woman was near death from a special k
  20. Right now, for me, warm fresh bread with a crunchy crust and melt in your mouth middle. That and some velveeta shells and cheese...carb heaven. <3
  21. I speak English and I understand some Spanish...my husband is Hispanic, so I'm trying to learn but I've been on hiatus for a long time. c.c *ashamed* I want to learn so we can visit his family and I can speak with them in the language they prefer to use with each other.
  22. Interestingly enough, there are some trees that you can actually eat the inside bark of to gain critical nutrients when you're in a survival situation :3 I saw it on Man Woman Wild (a survival show).
  23. I always feel bad when I read about this subject because I feel like I am contributing to the problem. I'm overweight (not excessively) and probably could cook healthier meals, but prepackaged stuff is so much more convenient and tasty. All those added sugars and chemicals. -.- I've found that healthy foods (with the exception of nuts, which are so good for you but RIDICULOUSLY expensive) are priced right about the same when I'm shopping for a family of three, and cooking from scratch tends to be less expensive in the long run. We don't really have a problem with fast food, but portioning