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  1. True, but I'm waiting for the rest of the players. Where did they go?
  2. Ooc note You guys need to show a little more activity. Please subscribe and follow the thread. Now its time to introduce yourselves in the story environment
  3. Whichever you prefer. Just make sure everyone uses the same tense. I'm more used to third person, but if you all (or the majority) prefers first person then be my guess. EDIT: we'll go with 3rd person. I think it works best that way.
  4. alright then, enough of OOC. You guys can start adding a description of yourselves or fitting in the scenario, or both.
  5. looks like a valid application to me. Welcome to the game. Question, do other's know of your... "neutrality" or do you hide it?
  6. I think we can arrange that, although some issues will raise, for instance you will have a hard time to be trusted, since you don't take sides. But the best thing would be to actually take a side, that's the whole point of pitching ones against the others It's high time we get this show on the road, so let's get cracking! ---***--- Excuse me, the warlord has sent word, he wants you to be ready at any time. When the horn sounds you must take the skies and assist with the assault, best of luck to you. The scout's words were quick, clear and with no room for a reply. With
  7. I kinda agree with Shihab_Mahir. I'm not going to say no to that yet, tell me what you have in mind.
  8. Can be dragon be female or male or are there gender restrictions? If so, will it be all male or all female?
  9. what the... lol I'm looking forward to see the adult version and the alts hatchies and adults
  10. I think we've waited long enough for applications. What do the participants say we start the game? I will edit this post when I can regroup all the already signed players and split them into teams. If anyone still wants to join they are still in time to submit their application.
  11. + support here too. In fact I accidentally started a thread with this. Its good to see there are already a lot of people interested. From an RP'ers point of view it would make little sense knowing there are 153 eggs in the AP. So, my suggestion, that is really easy to code and to add. Is just to add in the page description a little extra information with a round number of eggs in the AP. here's an example, the bold is the part I added: In this case there could be, say: 200 eggs or 201 or 220! I mean if you see a huge group of people you can't instantly cou
  12. I wanted to say a little something while I am able. Although I see some good sides for the approval of those laws I'm pretty much against them as everyone else, seemingly. I think the Internet is a place full of incredible and terrible stuff but also terrible stuff that can give you nightmares for weeks. It's important for us to know how to use it. I mean I am able to make this post and say the most awesome or barbaric stuff you could imagine, but I know I should keep some stuff to myself, just the same as when you walk in the street and see a person you can tell her anything offensi
  13. well... if you have any constructive criticism I'll accept anything that will make this RP better. Go ahead, now I'm curious.
  14. Spin dashes so fast the winged dude can't even see him. GO!
  15. Question 1: obviously. But I decided to remove the mana concept directly from the game. This doesn't mean you can cast unlimited spells, you will have higher and higher chances of failing the longer you stay in battle and fight. Question2: yes, you can use your powers in creative ways. But remember the more "daring" thing you try to perform the lesser the chances of success and the more tired you get. For instance, if you try to use your psyonic blast (that serves as a sort of telekinesis) to demolish a building, not only would you fail but you may also fall unconscious for a few rounds.
  16. I have a problem unlocking some wreath decorations. I have read all the stories, but some like "polar express" aren't unlocking their decorations...
  17. new application from Shihab_Mahir. @Kigyptnee - check again the spell section - better now?
  18. I may draw a map later for easier explanation. You have to think of 7 countries. Each one with many lands ruled by a clan master. Aryamis and Falgonys are masters of two of those 7 clans. The 7th is the High King meaning he has a smaller kingdom to rule but he controls the other clans too. Once the king died the clans met in that land that was now unruled. Somewhere in that land lies the city of Buttershade. And that's a key point Falgonys took over without the permission of all the clans (just two of them). Aryamis seeks to take him down because... well... he kinda overthrew th
  19. I'm sorry I forgot to explain this. Alignment represents your ethical way of acting. Just ask your character: "Am I good, bad or something in between" Basically you think of it as either good bad or neutral. Then, you think if it is "chaotic" "lawful" or "neutral". this page has examples for each one, but I'll try to clarify anyhow. The chaotic type of character usually overlooks his own safety or sometimes the safety of others and seeks to almost fanatically attain is objective, be it to conquer the world or rid it of evil. eg. Robin Hood, Jack Sparrow and some bad g
  20. made a few changes to the character applications [B] Name/gender: Age (yours/dragon): Physical description (and/or image): Race/Class: Dragon link: allignemt: Side (Falgonys or Aryamis): Background: Dragon background: Status: Spells:[/B] now it has age and dragon Background. The background and dragon Background are used for you to explain your aptitudes as well as your dragon's. you should describe anything you deem important about them. the constitution determines your HP. And thanks for the application changes you suggested. this thread was
  21. Teams: Aryamis: . 523ponygirl -> Laural / Icey Falgonys: . Shihab_Mahir -> Or'dinii / Iviin'yc
  22. open for applications. Read the rules and application format and post it as a reply. Thank you. Name: Castle Assault Background story: There was once a kingdom that was ruled by a mighty man. The man was a mighty sorcerer and skilled in just about any art. He was both feared and respected across the kingdom. His only problem was that he had such a vast kingdom he couldn't control on his own, which led him to spend many restless nights trying to manage the issues and pleas received in vast number. In an attempt to simplify his work, the king decided to nominate 6 masters which he g