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  1. Got a fishing hook stuck in my left elbow. Had to pull off one of my toenails because it was only on by a tiny bit. Havent had a nosebleed yet...shockingly.
  2. I claim all that hasn't been said before plus plasma
  3. My favorite font is Algerian, I feel sorry for one of my teachers because I typed a whole paper in it! What would you call the past-tense for spit? What is the plural of 'fish'? (Two arguments I have had)
  4. I claim ownership to the helium...
  5. !! WARNING! VERY EXPLICIT !! Cleopatra from Dante's Inferno...Not going to link for sake of the children...Too late for me though o_o EDIT: Better include Cerberus into that also
  6. After reading through the past few pages I discovered your post. You are wrong. We have WEAPONS that we use to do our dirty work, take away the shiny guns, then try to face that gorilla that is weaker than you.
  7. As promised, I landed on my ass-bone after a sledding accident (Ask me about this one it is HILARIOUS! Too lazy to type it) Almost had a concussion, Played on a storm shelter and messes up my knee, Let my dog bite me, Had the right side of my right leg infected for a month, and several others! Ask me about any of my posts now or before for reasons why
  8. In kindergarten I was hit in the face by a tennis racket above my right eyebrow (Butterfly stitches), ran into a wall intersection (Stitches), horseshoe hit me on the top of my head (Stitches), ran into a sign (Stitches), sprained my wrist doing stupid thing...not going into details on that one...Gonna have another post or to later one about others
  9. Shall we FINALLY get back to the main topic??
  10. I care for animals more, we have wrecked this world far worse than any other specie. When we all die, the animals would have a ton more land for them to inhabit. Remember the dodo? Thylacine? Others? WE are the reason (Except for pandas) for several species. So I would donate for animals, not the fuzzy little ones specifically.
  11. Ah Im not use to sarcasm on forums
  12. We learned that everything has some radiation, some more than others, some with close to none.
  13. You are like the king of funny on this 'ere forum!
  14. You...are....right! That was just...wow...
  15. Bee Teno

    Misheard Lyrics

    I love misheard lyrics! Well in the song "Any Means Nescassary" by Hammerfall, at :43 seconds what happens is it sounds like they were saying rhymes with wussy "(insert word here) in your soul!"
  16. I has countless ones. One was where my ss teacher was a bus driver and had her hair in two horn spikes, evil eyes, and giant fanged teeth. Some ones are of magic lands or me as a hero. When Im sick I usually get a dream where there is a smooth ball, steel-like, whenever it goes towards my face in its ellipse, I get a weird experience, like it was rough, porous. Happens whenever Im sick and close me eyes...
  17. The other theories...I dont really know but I agree with the real answer.
  18. Ah but I do understand the size of a googleplex. 100 zeros. In an ever expanding universe theory, there is way too many planets for human kind to understand.
  19. So do you think we are the only lifeforms out there? Do you think UFOs are real? Are aliens real? Discuss these questions with others! I personally believe that we are not alone. Just because we need water doesnt mean other lifeforms dont. Out of googleplex to the googleplex power of planets we cant be the only ones. (yes googleplex to the googleplex power is real...) I do think UFOs are real. UFOs are even in ANCIENT documents for crying out loud! I do believe UFOs are visiting more frequently because they are interested by what we have become. I do not think aliens are little green men that go SWOOSH across the universe....I think aliens can take any shape, form, color, and every other possible aspect.
  20. Turritopsis Nutricula This jellyfish is amazing! Livin forevar!
  21. Well for me I got stuck on Minish Cap and PH and ST... But about Minish Cap....One of my favorite games of all time! Saddened me enough at the end to cry! YES CRY!
  22. Bee Teno


    ZOMG......!!!! Hoping to get GA and C&C for X-Mas. I downloaded a mod for bot parts but have a question. If you have a mod in SPORE does it block achievements??
  23. Im a room 666er...just my trusty one now