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And the wind keeps blowin, and the sky keeps turnin grey...and the sun is set, the sun will rise another day~

CB Black Pairs in the Eyrie : 36 and counting!

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    What a curious question. Well, I enjoy moonlit nights, taking long walks on the beach, knitting and unicorns. In fact, I once took a seaside stroll, on a moonlit night, and discovered a unicorn... which I proceeded to stab in the throat with a crochet needle. I'm a woman of refined, yet simple tastes.........

    Too old to care about your angsty shit.
    I may return when you are allowed to block mods who are human pieces of dogshit.

    Wish List
    I've been absent for 4 years so lots of Caveborns needed. And second gens from Holidays.

    Caveborns Wanted:
    Aeon Wyvern
    Fire Gem
    Honey Drake
    Nhiostrife Wyvern
    Striped River

    Witchlights!! I missed them and would love any second gen and 3rd gen checkers. Also like Caligenes. Also, like most people, I would love low gens with spriters alts and shimmer scales.

    Second Gens

    **White 2nd gen Tinselfail from a Silver Tin mother** <3
    Silver x Rosebud
    Silver x Royal Blue
    Alt Sweetling x Red
    Alt Sweetling x Black
    Sweetling x Black
    Yulebuck x Black

    3rd gen Checkers (non Holiday eggs)

    Yule x Black
    Yule x Green
    Almerald x Ribbon Dancer
    Golden Wyvern x Ribbon Dancer
    Winter Magi x Silver
    Silver x Solstice
    Gold x Mistletoe
    Silver x Mistletoe
    Thunder x Mistletoe
    Aegis x Blue Lunar
    Aegis x Gold
    Aegis x Ice

    3rd Gen Checker Valentines Needed

    09 Valentine: Albino, Balloon, Golden Wyvern, Nocturne, Red, Royal Blue, White

    Rosebud: Daydream, Golden Wyvern, Yulebuck, Winter Magi, Moonstone, Royal Blue, Black

    Sweetling: Daydream, Golden Wyvern, Harvest, Hellfire Wyvern, Solstice, Mint, Moonstone, Royal Blue, Winter, Storm, White, Black

    Mutamore: Ribbon Dancer

    Arsani: Winter Magi, Wrapping Wing

    Heartstealer: Silver Lunar

    Heartseeker: Harvest