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  1. To you too~ PS~ IS blackmail an option?
  2. In my opinion, all of us should attempt to get PieMaster to post here. And then treat us all to pie.
  3. A friend of mine had been practicing for about a year. She memorized like a hundred. My favorite food is pie. Our tradition is to bring pie to school and "stuff your FACE in it!" PS. I will eat all your pie.
  4. Shine is the pony on my avatar. Except, she's supposed to have black, feathered wings... But, that's basically what she looks like. If you need, I can post a reference picture with the wings? PS~ Her cutie mark is a skull-and-crossbones based off Lord Death from Soul Eater. Just wanted to say that, because she's not normal Also, the crossbones were supposed to be behind the skull but...
  5. They are appearing more often now... But now the rarer dragons are more common. I've seem about 10 CB golds and about half as many CB Silvers on the alpine hourly drops. I'm pretty frustrated because I was trying to get a speckle-throated and noticed that gold about 5 seconds too late. Refresh the page, still there. Refresh again, still there. Click really fast. Nothing. AAARRRGGHHH!! But I did get two of the new release. My job is done.
  6. Did anyone else notice that the new Valentine dragons of TJ's were both adults yesterday, but not today?
  7. These dragons look cool, from what I can see of TJ's egg and hatchling. Well, at least I get a consolation prize. I was gonna set my alarm for 15 minutes before "The Drop" and chug large amounts of caffeine. I forgot to wake up. Oops. Well, anyways, I can't wait to catch them. If I don't I'll probably punch my laptop's screen and weep silently in a corner,
  8. Nice job! Omigawd. I wish that had been me! Well, if you make a lineage with it, you can expect me to PM you. Maybe clog your PM box.
  9. Hm, perhaps, but I've been too busy playing Portal to actually notice anything happening in real life. I'll probably forget to check my computer. --- Good luck to you though ^^
  10. Or maybe the PMs get shot through a portal to the moon. Sigh, Poor Wheatley. Stuck with all those PMs Anyways, I applied. Obviously I'm not gonna get in though.
  11. To tell you the truth, I've been paying so little attention to Pokemon I don't even know what Fennekin is... It's so sad.
  12. Eh, I'm not really a big fan of Pokemon anymore. Mostly because first of all, the name sounds like it refers to... yeah, 'nuff said. Second of all, because I don't want to buy a new game system. And third of all, because the stories aren't (in my opinion) as interesting, and a lot of the creatures look too humanoid. Like Sawk? What kind of creature would you come upon in the wild that wears a Dobak (that looks like a bathrobe) and looks like a blue-tinted human? And by catching a clothes-wearing humanoid creature, that seems like, I dunno, keeping slaves? Like, catching a mouse Pokemon like Pi
  13. This: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/224...olf-d46al80.png YAY FOR DERPY! Because Bronies are just that epic.
  14. YAY!!!! Can't wait to see the adults! Unfortunately I don't *get* the baking event. *Facepalm*
  15. WOOT! EPIC! Am egglocked with them! They seem, from description and appearance, a little like Crona from Soul Eater...
  16. I hate politics, especially some very state laws, such as, in Indiana, pickles must bounce before being official pickles. Here's the link for some pretty dumb stuff: http://www.stupidlaws.katfan.com/
  17. (Quoted from earlier) I want to participate! Forum name: Dragonshadows Scroll name: dragonspirit78 Rank: PLATINUM!!! Wishlist: 1. CB Silver 2. CB Gold 3. Cheese dragon 4.3G Tinsel 5. 6G Even gen ANY MALE DRAGON I want to volunteer! Forum name: Dragonshadows Scroll name: dragonspirit78 Which ranks are you willing to help with: ALL RANKS! (not quoted anymore) Um, I got a PM about being on the platinum rank and who my secret giftee was, but don't see my name on any of the lists. And I just got the PM today. Anyone know what went wrong? And yes, although I have a si
  18. We need this update. Badly. I'd love to see dimorphism in Vines. Also, I agree with Pokemonfan13. There's no good reason to make genderless Vines, unless they suddenly become enchanted plants or as rare as NDs.
  19. Willing to breed a CB Shadowwalker with the very fitting code O2DIM
  20. What about Crona from Soul Eater? her gender is supposed to remain unknown, but I read the manga
  21. This one isn't bittersweet, just creepy. Type in "Lavendar Town Backwards" on YouTube. Go cry in a corner. D: