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  1. Yay, I got all my CBs and now I have my very first successful mating from them! For a while I thought all my boys and girls were going to refuse to give me an egg.
  2. Thank you! I already know the quote I want to work on first. I looked at the spreadsheet and it doesn't seem to be on there, so yay! I'm hoping to do a bunch of Master quotes for the project. <3
  3. LaughingStock's Personal Projects Preferred Contact Method: Pm or email Finished Lineages None Works in Progress Breed: Flamingo x Balloon Episode: The Sound of Drums Quote: This country has // been sick // this country // needs healing // this country needs // medicine in // fact I'd // go so // far as // to say that // what this // country really // needs right // now is // a Doctor. Progress: 8/8 CB || 1 FirstGen