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  1. There are several that I liked, but I kind of wish there weren't so many because I wasn't able to get even half of them. And I wasn't able to get the ones I liked best. There were just tooooo many eggs to manage. And getting them all is like a JOB, literally.... it would take over 5 1/4 hours if an egg dropped every 5 minutes. I have a toddler. I don't have time to sit at my computer watching for eggs for that long, even over 3 days! I wish it were more like a real easter egg hunt where you can physically search the site and there's an egg or two, semi-concealed on each page that you
  2. All my metal-breeding attempts met with stunning failure again, as always (I'm pretty convinced by now that the "fertility" BSA is BS!) so I really have no idea what you folks are talking about. I can't even remember the last time I had a successful metal breeding.
  3. I'm just hoping for this craze to die down so I can finally grab or trade for a CB gold male that I've been after for nearly 5 years now... ever since I joined. That plus NDs are what I need to complete my scroll. well, besides shimmers, that is ... 6 CB metal eggs... for a shimmer.... no way, I'm not even gonna try. Shimmers are dead to me, they don't exist, lol.
  4. :C I caught a really nice holly egg, I REALLY hope it's still in my possession when the cave comes back....
  5. nm I'm just stupid and don't usually Teleport bred eggs that have breed limits. ;;;
  6. My best catch... looks like it took a while to construct!! I wish I had something as nice to breed it with....
  7. Been trying since Christmas '08. Since it's my FOURTH Christmas running, and due to this cr*ptacular rural internet that we have, I'm not feeling particularly lucky this year either.... edit: just missed my dozenth grab attempt for the night.... okay, I know we can't offer money or anything, and I doubt I have anything that anyone would want (breedingwise), though you're welcome to look.... or is there any sort of service I could offer for a Holly egg? Perhaps the right to name my firstborn or something? lol....
  8. Well.... I guess this'll be the second year I haven't completed the easter egg hunt. Last year, I didn't find out about it til it was almost over, so I had NO chance. This year, I had my completed collection snatched away by server failure (I was so happy about finishing it... ha ha ha...). I lost 15 easter eggs and need a MINIMUM of 4 hours straight on the computer to be able to get em back now. Figures. It just... figures. I'm gonna be stuck at my mother in law's house from Saturday until Tuesday.
  9. No. I have THREE different browsers (Chrome, IE and Firefox), and the same problem in all of them. I can't get any of the dragcave pages to load, the connection keeps getting reset. I can't even see my own egg page....
  10. ... you mean the cave is actually WORKING for you guys? I can't even get Dragcave to load at all. Connection keeps getting reset.
  11. I'm really sad that I was gone yesterday and I've been working late today and now I come back and had only an hour or so to get the two that I have. I really hope the baskets save for next year. edit: okayyy.... just got a third one, 2 mins after midnight. I don't wanna get my hopes up so maybe the clock isn't synched? lol... ah well
  12. :/ Well.... sorry, then. Clearly, I wasn't doing it right, and now I see where I was screwing it up. I wasn't trying to be a bother to anyone. Thanks. I appreciate the reply and useful response. It might be kind of nice to have all the artists' preferred contact details/general permissions given in one spot though. Maybe. I dunno.
  13. Hey guys, I'm just wondering how you contact the artists to ask permission about making a plushie. I found some awesome shimmery silver stretchy fabric on sale the other day and bought it... I'd love to try making a silver dragon, but I don't know how to contact Kitoxa. (I wasn't even sure how necessary it was since I don't plan to sell whatever I make, but I thought I'd try anyway.) Their email address is not on the dragon's page, so I can't email, and I don't see anyone by that name in the member list. Where do I go to ask? Thanks.