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    My dragons are in the long process of being renamed. A lot of the current named ones are place holders for ... other yet to be determined dragons.

    Names I want (badly):
    to make my bread

    Priority Wants: 2-3 Tinsel, 2nd gen Spriter Alt (any breed)

    Caveborn: Gold, Red Dorsal, Blusang Lindwurm, Tsunami Wyvern
    Tier 2 CB: Storm, Electric, Pebble, Nocturne, Pygmy, Misfit, Swallowtail, Turpentine, Deep Sea, Spring,
    Tier 3 CB: Ice, Thunder, Magma, Red/Green Nebula, BBW, Horse, Lumina,
    Tier 4 CB: Red, Purple,
    2nd Gen list:
    Tinsel, Dorkface, Thuwed
    Sweetling Black Alt
    White Tipped Snow Angel
    Tri-Colored Snow Angel
    Old Pink
    Shallow water dragon
    Ultraviolet (especially if M Purple parent)
    Interesting lineages (if it combines anything in the 2nd gen list I probably like it.)
    3rd gen Alt black bred from two alt blacks
    Checkered Lineages

    I owe:
    Mero - 1 red copper Female


    Owed to me:
    RM - SxI egg (0/1)