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  1. Is there a collective list of dragons with spriter’s alts somewhere? I’m making a group for all of my dragons related to those alts and I was wondering is such a resource existed. Thanks!
  2. I’ve been viewbombed as well! Be careful everyone!
  3. I have a gen 11? Dorkface lol. She's also related to several Thuweds which is super cool: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Gcpvz
  4. I have this gal who is related not only to several Thuweds, but is also a Dorkface. Her lineage is long, but perfectly neat and full of some cool ancestors: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Gcpvz
  5. As someone who joined this game in 2011 and has recently been consistently active... are Thuweds still sought after/rare? I have several on my scroll, and I was curious if they're rarer or easier to obtain compared to 2011-2013 or does anyone still care about them? Lol. I have some really nice lineages I could breed if anyone is after one
  6. This baby is free to a good home. Message me on FR please, my username is the exact same there
  7. Nabbed! CB Nebula eggie: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Lv3GO <-- Level 3 Go? http://dragcave.net/lineage/3oPL4 <-- 3 o Play? The fact that I have both of these as eggs/hatchies at the same time is funny
  9. OHHHH that makes a lot of sense, actually! Thank you :3
  10. What is the "stun" action of use for? Neglected hatchlings? I'm just getting back to the site after a two year absence so I'm still catching up on the new breeds and such.
  11. Nabbed the striped one for my banner since I'm hard at work on a striped lineage project. Keep up the amazing work!!!!
  12. Since it's an egg I won't post a link, but I got a CB Black with the code ksDIE. Kill steal = die?
  13. *hurriedly edits post* Sorry about that. My posts will be less awkward and inaccurate once my character starts getting interaction and I have a better sense of what is happening >.<
  14. Anaya stood, rigid as a statue as the earth trembled beneath her. Every muscle in her body had tensed up in fear, and she silently expected an end. However, the earthquake was over almost as quickly as it had begun. She could hear boulders tumbling down the mountain side, despite the distance she had put between herself and when she killed the goat. Oh my- where are the others? Has anyone been hurt? Did the Crystal cause this ir something...? she thought worriedly. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she picked up the goat caracass and continued towards the Hallowed camp as quickly as she could. She had never experienced an earthquake before, and she had no idea where they came from, but she knew they were bad, and she knew that a fellow packmate could very well be trapped, wounded, or even dead. As she approached camp, she mentally braced herself for the worst. After dropping off her kill, Anaya called out, "Is everyone okay?!"
  15. *wipes up drool from gawking for 20 minutes straight* If a request slot is still open, may I have an Avatar of Destruction wallpaper for mobile/iPhone please? EDIT: Minimalist wallpaper style please. Similar amount of detail as the Hellfires? Thanks!
  16. {{First post, here goes!}} Anaya stared apathetically at her slightly distorted reflection. The water was still cold from winter, but all around her, springtime's characterist were becoming more and more evident. However, the she-wolf had yet to come across suitable prey to catch since she had set out that morning. She had been roaming stealthily about since daybreak, but every other living creature she had seen was either pregnant or accompanied by young. Anaya knew better than to kill a she with young. Not only did she personally find it cruel, but it would be impractical to hunt something that was going to bring more prey later on. She now sat at the foot of the Northern Mountains in hopes of finding a group of mountain goats with single females. The disappointed huntress was just about to up and leave when the scraping of hooves caught her attention. She immediately summoned from within herself energy, and her coat became translucent and faded. Within moments of vanishing, a dozen or so goats clamored down the mountainside toward the pool of water Anaya had been resting by. Talk about timing, she thought to herself, as she carefully masked her scent. Her paws would make no sound on the smooth rock, so she spared silencing them with her powers. Okay, think. If you go after one that's too big, or has big horns, you might get hurt. Find one that's well-fed, but not too bulky... There! She doesn't have a calf, and one of her horns is broken off! Anaya moved around the pool of water, keeping her steps as light and subtle as possible without drawing upon her powers. She leapt softly onto a boulder just above her target and waited. She didn't move even the smallest muscle in her body as she waited until the goat turned it's back to her. Then she jumped. Not a sloppy leap, no. She aimed directly at the back of the goat's neck, driving both forepaws downward on the neck, and her hindpaws into the goats hips to knock it down. The huntress simultaneously let out a bloodcurdling snarl, startling the other goats and causing them to scatter. Success. The weight of her hindpaws forced the goat to it's knees, and her forepaws pinned it's head to the ground and stunned the animal. She then lifted her "ghost mode" and unmasked her scent, and latched onto the goat's throat. After a few short moments in her grip, the goat died, and Anaya began the trek back to camp.
  17. I edited this awhile back, but my phone hasn't been letting me post lately >.< Let me know if I need to change or add anything else.
  18. I'm pretty sure apps go here... Username: Moonbeam22 Name: Anaya Age: 3 years Gender: Female Power: Stealth Abilities: 1. She has a "ghost mode" that she can go into, making her body slightly translucent and very difficult to make out. It is not complete invisibility, but an unsuspecting wolf could not make her out while she is in this state. 2. She can mask her scent at will, making impossible for prey or predator to smell her. 3. Her paws make no sound, even when walking on dead leaves, twigs, etc. DRAWBACKS: When she chooses to use one or more of these abilities, she becomes weakened. Her personal strength (running, fighting, biting, etc.), but wounds afflicted upon her are made worse. A bite that would only take a few days to heal might take a month if she aquired it whilst in her "ghost mode", masking her scent, etc. This forces her to avoid combat at all costs, and flee if she is presented with a foe of any match to her. Appearance: http://e08595.medialib.glogster.com/media/...013-std-jpg.jpg]http://e08595.medialib.glogster.com/media/...013-std-jpg.jpg ***Eyes are amber, and she has ash-grey fur on her muzzle and her paws Personality: In correlation with her power, Anaya is quiet, and typically doesn't want to be the center of attention. However, she is by no means cold or unfriendly to those who approach her. On the contrary, she is warm hearted and mother-like (to pups in particular), and is always eager to help. She is incredibly clever, and is good at working around obstacles and problem-solving. She holds a good set of morals, and is loyal to the point of death. History: Anaya was born to a pair of lone wolves attempting to stay put of the conflict. They had lived a comfortable life until Anaya and her two brothers were about 8 moons old. The family accidentally came across a scrabble between Hallowed and Cursed wolves, were assumed Hallows by the Cursed, and attacked. The Hallowed were unfortunately outnumbered, so all but Anaya were killed. The two remaining Hallow wolves took the newly orphaned pup in, and she was raised as a Hallowed wolf from there. Mate Preference: Male only Alliance: Hallowed Position: Gamma hunter
  19. I just want my mega Sceptile please and thank you.
  20. *runs around is circles excitedly* I'm getting Omega Ruby and starting with Treeko. I'm currently playing Sapphire with a Mudkip, so I wanted to change it up for the remakes. I curious about character models... something tells me there won't be custom models. The standard sprites for 3rd gen are some of my favorites anyway.
  21. I'm game for that. Moltres just left Hoenn so she's open for interaction
  22. ((Moltres is going to have to ditch Deoxys now I guess...)) Moltres flew away from the coast of Hoenn, glad to leave the flirtatious Deoxys behind her. She didn't particularly care where she was going; the legendary chose to ride the winds and see where they took her. Though returning home seemed wise due to her still-weakened state, the fire bird wasn't quite ready to go back. Why not adventure a bit while I'm away? she though as she dodged the blue waves. I never get out anymore... Plus this is too good of an opportunity to make some friends other than my siblings.
  23. No worries. Sorry if I sounded impatient >.<
  24. Waiting on Master to post...