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  1. Duke Falcon, strange nickname I know... Duke came because I born as a member of a (once) Great House (yes, my country isn't a kingdom anymore and such but we strongly preserve our noble ancestry and lineage...) and thus I thought it will fit well to use my inherent title (very rare when I could use it afterall...)... Falcon... Falcon is a beautyfull bird! Proud, honourable but often cruel and cold-hearted. Just like me. I'm a falcon, a solitary hunter who always return to where he born. So I'm loyal to, even if loyalty demands sad and bad things to make...
  2. I know I already finish the quest and collect all 40 items... But it's so good just return to walk in the mansion again and again! Or just I found that so?
  3. I did not need the green thing on the parchment to open the basement door or something just the simple parchments from the master bedroom (or something called like that). I've already finished the quest before I got the chicken and the green dog-like dragon thing. Maybe it is some kind of alternative way? Dunno...
  4. Stogucheme thanks! Now I have 40 items Hope that's all 'cause my eyes are in pain from so much reading! It was like read a novell BTW
  5. Hello! May I ask where could I find that green dog-looking thing on a scroll? That's one I've missed but I got the chicken!