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  1. I use this in signature almost two years now. Good to know this yet (I really need to read all those forum rules once even if half of them I do not understand). Where could be reveal the spriter and how to ask such permissions? And it goes I think for my avatar portrait to... Harsh world, really harsh... I really need this feature. I stopped breeding my dragons as the chaos grew way to big and messy. And I dislike drag eggs\dragons for 4-7 minutes to to put them their places (yes, DC is so slow for me, bad net we have)...
  2. I was another idea of mine once that maybe have alts from tropicals but never posted that idea here for public. Not sure why... But I made the recolours and liked them enough to put them in my signature. Maybe if TJ see them we may got some red tropicals Or I just dream way to much...
  3. I welcome everyone! I were here a long time. Long enough to breed much dragons to wonder about something: Bookmarking the sort list. I use custom sorting to know which dragon belongs which generation but after a while it is a pain in the neck to sort the latest breeds. Is there mayhaps possible to provide a possibility to set up bookmarks in the sorting list? For example frozen hatchies or whatever. Just something what act as a beacon. What do I mean exactly? Let us imagine that there is frozen hatchie "2.nd Gen Breeds" somewhere in 270-280.th place in the list. Use this as bookmark. Then it will be a list top of the dragons' list with links where "2.nd Gen Breeds" appears and clicking on them drop you right into the wanted part of your dragon list. Of course it suspects that one may not need to trigger dragons all the way long just cut and paste them. Is this a terrible delusion or a usefull thought?
  4. Hi! May I ask a question? I got the sandwich in the Aliset event so... That's the new secret object maybe what TJ referred or I can use it somewhere to get some more things? THX 4 the replies!
  5. It's just me... Or male vampires are 'van Helsings'? And the Guardian's new look is soooooo cool! Want it as an alt form NOW!!!
  6. My score: 174 (male, 20-29years) What does it mean exactly? That I am colour blind?
  7. I've received an email about dino cave (no code for reg, much for my dismay) that contained some more infos about it. I thought about it a bit and I must say that there is no need to make tons of sprites in different colours! Only the base dino sprites and then get someone with C++ knowledge to code the colouring codes like in the PC games (example RTS games where in multi a unit must coloured in tons of different colours to mark faction alignment). So, dino cave is possible with all it's features. So, I hope, it will be true!
  8. A cave full of dinos? Like raptors and such? Sounds goooooood! Send a reg-request already! Now waiting and hope
  9. Not sure, but somehow true. I shall always attack another guy, no problem... But attack a girl\woman\female? No, thanks! Because I like to live so far... But most of the times, girls could more honourable in more things than guys. I think we guys usually think everything as a game and so did not take it seriously... Big, big, big mistake. But arguing against any gender is futile. Think someone is less\more because of it's gender? Both gender has fields of life what could be better than the other and that is the point: the two genders complement each others. Not say they are equals because biologically and evolutionally females are more developed, but... In everyday life sexism is a sign of utterly obsolate thinking methods. Something that must have been faded away already at the dawn of the 21th. century... I think, education should be teach already that both genders are equal. Teachers should not say such things (nor parents, to be say that) like "You do this or that like a X\Y!" Pointless. Obsolate. But sad thing that many things changes really slowly... But one day, maybe we should see... A better world. Until then sexism seems to be part of everyday life...
  10. Stupid thing I've done? Lost my honour when made a deal. Life does not worth it...
  11. My hair is basicly dark-brown so dyeing it may be a hard matter... But blood-red with gold toward the end... Or fully snow-white could be awesome! Or not? Once I knew someone who dyed red streaks in her black hair. That was super and beautyfull... But I did not liked her for that
  12. I am partly inbreed as many of my ancestors whom married with each others were first gen cousins. It is common in noble bloodlines and it happened 12-14 times in the history of my bloodline. The last was my maternal grandmother's mother and father. And I have no strange mutations (I will not tell the full list, sorry...) with standards. I have a stronger immune-system and a little worst eyesight (exactly, lights, mostly sunlight, could blind me and I can not see perfectly in sunlight). Inbreed is a bugbear that the christian clergy created to awe their followers to practice it. The taboo of inbreed is originate from the religion and religious societies but not from the nature. In the nature inbreed works mostly fine. Well I do not want to say that human-inbreed is OK because it is not. But it is not as bad as humans describe and propagate. And do not forget that breeding animals inbreed is a well-known and accepted practice... Inbreeding often purify certain genetic traits. And frankly! Inbreed is not an issue of reproduction nowadays... We do not even need parents to produce children as we could do it artificially (or it is still forbidden because of human fear and incompetency toward understanding common technological issues?)...
  13. True? For me (well, I'm a hungarian) japanese seems way harder to learn while english was way to easy to learn (at least for me)... And random facts: Mantis females chomp their mates' head because it grants them way wilder sex... Banana slugs has a p***s (male extra appendage) exactly as long as their body.
  14. My greatest fer is to lost my honour... It had happened... And I must live with the shame but at least the pain gave me some chance to penitent.
  15. Nice eggs! Catch my 2 within 10 seconds! Super lucky and super happy now! BTW The Valentine's messages are anynimous or somehow you could find out who send them for you? Because I like to know who sends me if I got any...
  16. Why was the part of duty scary? I must say I sometimes don't understand people... Duty is everything! Duty is the most important thing! It drives you through your life! Follow duty is the demand of anyone's honour (if someone has any honour). And honour is the most precious thing as without it life is meaningless and empty. And have sex because of duty? Why is it so big deal? If a female ask something I obey. As some of you educated patriarchal ways I educated matriarchal way. I really belive that obey for a female who is in some way important for me or belong to my family, House is the demand of duty and honour. People think to much about freedom and free will. I can't imagine my life without controll. I find it scary to decide everything myself (it sure cause catastrophe according to my personality and high likeness to fight just for fun => that's why I play so much with pc games... Help to get rid of my aggressivity so I don't fight with others and cause them harm if it's not necessary...) not just follow the order originate from someone's choice. Of course I know I'm a very rare kind of person and believe me I often hear from others how odd I am because I taught and live that way. But as I try to understand and sometimes even accept others' ways I belive others may could do the very same. I can't promise I could accept anything as there are things that quite oppose with the way I taught, raised (suicide e.g.)...
  17. That was rude as what I said I said because YOUR teachers taught me that in elementary school according YOUR scientific discoveries of the '80s. WE always deemed it utterly obsolate and false but since human science didn't said anything new about these things it's nothing to say without seem as cruel and rudely offensive. We, despised and hated by most of you, nobles has accurate views about these things but utterly not care. And about your girlfriend... If she really able to do so it proves she is a true woman. Something I could accept and even support as this ability is quickly fading away in our misguided, patriarcal civilisation. Now I take some time and read the very first post (I may start with that at the beginning, I know... Sorry) where I found this: I never felt attraction of sex, never wanted to experience it and never even need it what means according human psichology is I am an asexual heterosexual (since I like girls and date them but seek only intellectual partners). But since some of my girlfriends WANT TO HAVE SEX they gave me no chance. I experienced what is sex but don't really care ever since. I'll mate them only because they wanted. And if there will be the right time I will have children descent from my very DNA because it is my duty as it was duty to do as my girlfriends wished. I learned that no matter what I wish or want. The only thing that is important what duty demands. I could be homo- hetero- bi- or whatever sexual it doesn't matter. If duty demands me to have children, my descendants carrying my DNA, then I have no choice. It's so easy for me since I trained, educated, conditioned this way. And I'll never even think about suicide. Suicide is the most coward and ashaming thing in the whole universe. I never dare to disgrace my family, my bloodline with such an unacceptable act. If someone kill me, that's OK, but to kill myself? NEVER!!! I meant no offense only for this part: But I could understand you assume I meant it for the whole post of mine. Sorry if I cause so misunderstanding but since english isn't my primer language I can't use it with acceptable efficiency... No. I'm sorry to cause you angry and feel offended. It was't my intention. But I must say I not understand you, common folks, why do you feel offended so often? Maybe my education made me a bit cold hearted and way to logical and thus care less about emotional effects. But believe me, I won't offend anyone! It's not my style to do so until someone provoke it out.
  18. What am I collecting? Arthropods (Spiders, millipeds, centipeds, insects), Mollusks (Snails and shells), plants and geological things (rocks, crystals)... Everything what is part of the nature but I try to collect things that almost or already death if it's possible as I dislike to kill even a bug (every kind of life is equally important IMO)... I have lots of specimens from Hungary (my home country) but also from Morocco, Turkey and Greece. I like to watch the butterflies and moths for a long time but they are a real pain to preparate properly. And I have a relatively good collection of ground beetles and grasshoppers.
  19. Asexuality is the result if no gender-specific hormonal influence happened during pregnancy thus the child's mind and biochemical system has no information how to work properly according to it's own gender. Homosexuality, on the other hand, is the result of the influence of wrong gender-specific hormons (male fetus got female-hormon influence and vice versa). These are hormonal disorders' results but not illnesses. Asexuality could be reversed if the hormonal influence's absence discovered before birth (really hard to find it out) with hormon-therapy or after the birth until puberty with hormon therapy (question: how could you tell from a children she\he is asexual before she\he hit puberty? Almost no way to do so). But it has no meaning since the threated person needs hormon-therapy all along his life even after her\his sexuality has restored. So it's way easier to accept such people the way they are and not try to cure them. If they are happy this way then it's fine. Humanity has no right to correct everything because the price of such corrections sometimes way to high. Same goes for homosexuality. It could be reversed but it's meaningless. Let them live their life as they see fit. And before you may ask other questions about this topic think about it: Will you ask these questions if you 'suffer' from such conditions? I know you want to understand things but asking such questions in the presence of such conditioned people is maybe a bit rude. No offense, of course!
  20. Oh...... Could kill for a sweetling And hope could grab some new-release dragies
  21. "Final words? Hah! Real men die silently... DON'T MAKE ME HURT!!!"
  22. The question in it's true form: Are lifes more important than lifes? Useless comparison without meaning. Life is life. Equal undisputedly no matter what kind of life we speaking about... Or(!) Is there something difference between humans and animals? You think humans differs in any meaning? No, humans are still animals. Humans still unable to rise over their animal rage and killing instincts and thus unable to think and act logically what is an important definitive trait of an intelligent specie. So humans are still animals and thus the question above still valid: Are lifes more important than lifes? But if you strict about a futile human-animal comparison then animals are way more important than humans. Without animals humans not even exist... Animals are unseparateable parts of the Nature, the Ecosystem that sustains Terra's life. If you cut out pieces from it (animals, for example or as another example made species extinct) you damage this sensitive system. And if the damages cause the system to collapse everything dies with it: But first that ignoring and expandable race called Human (and humans are no more part of the ecosystem, they became independent as they think and they also think that this is justify their destructive deeds against Nature...).
  23. "You failed me at the moment I needed you most!"
  24. Sorry. You're right. They aren't homos but homosexuals which means in imperial latin that someone who attracted by his\her own gender and not by the opposite sex. Sorry again that I used an offensive word!
  25. Straight hetero. Can't imagine to be something else myself but I could accept those whom aren't straight... Sexuality is a sensible topic and source of a great portion of hatred globally. Just think about those whom labelling homos with bad words and hate them to the brink of disaster...