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  1. They are all over canada so I have trouble believing the US doesn't have them :S.
  2. I own two ringnecked doves. One is 21 years old, his name is Burt: He has a lady friend name Sora who is all white. They lay infertile eggs together. I totally love pigeons and doves. I think they are funny and adorable. I loved the pigeon dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend.
  3. I like fishing, so the calmest time is often just when the sun is rising. After that the wind starts picking up and clouds roll in and then life sucks.
  4. That feeling of wanting to pour your heart out all over the place but you can't even manage to post about something 'normal' because you know no one cares and there's no point.
  5. I like happy holidays because it's all-inclusive and it covers new years. For me it has nothing to do with being politically correct. At this point people are so convinced that 'happy holidays' is some sort of war on christmas that it has become less politically correct to say it anyway. I'm just acknowledging that there are other holidays in december and that other people celebrate them. Personally I'm an atheist and I only 'celebrate' modern christmas because of my materialistic catholic family that gets pissed off when I don't want to do the gift giving crap because they are more concerned with getting gifts than actually spending time with each other.
  6. I'm married. If I got pregnant I'd abort the crap out of that thing. Also I'm perfectly okay with killing humans who are using my body to support theirs without my consent. Talk about rude. But am I really even killing them or just cutting off their life supply? But really, if you think future people are more important than people who are alive, then all women should be forcibly impregnated constantly from the moment they become fertile until they become infertile. By not becoming pregnant, you are stealing lives from people who could have been born. Right?
  7. Yeah when the mother or the fetus is going to die. :/ A fetus is parasitic because it uses another person's body to survive. While a baby needs to be taken care of by another human, it doesn't need that human's body. Calling a baby parasitic is like calling all children parasitic which they totally are.
  8. Hurray, got my batch of new moon eggies.
  9. Why do people think Trump 'speaks his mind?'. He doesn't. No one does. Unbelievably, he is holding back. What he is saying is the tamed down version of what he REALLY thinks, which you can bet is far more offensive. A country is not a business. Do people really want their lifestyles, rights, and freedoms controlled by someone who is only in it for a profit?
  10. I like it in theory I think. I like it in anime, and I love lolita clothes on mannequins, but whenever I see people dressed up in it or pictures it so rarely looks good. They look like small children with old faces. I think mostly I just love victorian clothes(why can't this come back in style?!). I loved the anime Le Portrait de Petit Cossette.
  11. I think questioning whether it's ethical to use the corpse of a fetus for scientific research because they can't consent is kind of laughable considering it was just aborted without consent. Also, your parents can choose to donate your body to science until you become an adult without your consent, so it's pretty redundant. If they weren't used for research, they would be thrown out. It would be a complete waste considering how much they help advance SO many different kinds of research. People are dying. There is no time to worry about people's feelings to hold back on research.
  12. Trump knows how to benefit himself. That's why he's a rich businessman. I wouldn't want to work for him, let alone be governed by him.
  13. I'm canadian and that's pretty much all I've heard about too. I thought it was a joke at first. If the US elects trump, prepare for the loudest, simultaneous world-wide facepalm. I can't imagine anyone taking the US seriously if he is elected. That country would be a huge joke.
  14. Why would I be proud of a country just because I happened to be born in it? Even despite its issues? That's like being proud of your mom even though she happens to be a serial killer just because she's your mom. The criteria to be prideful should be based on more than that. Or thinking some terrible local band is awesome just because it's local. I'm a little more objective than that. I'm Canadian so being patriotic isn't much of a thing. I've never heard anyone say "We're the best" or "I'm so proud to be canadian." I think our patriotism is at the most "Well at least we aren't the country of ___". We're pretty aware there are countries better than us, like Sweden. We can do better, and there is better out there, so I'm not really sure what to be proud about. How many people are like "Wooo we came in 20th place, I'm so proud!" That just allows people to be complacent with how things are instead of always trying to achieve better.
  15. I was interested for like 5 minutes until I read about how to need to do an apprenticeship for a few years. No thanks. I would never even be able to find someone like that here anyway.
  16. I don't want kids but I've become extremely fond of the name Sora.
  17. I wish there was an e-mail alert for drops :/. It's not even that I don't come on here regularly, I just don't check the news section regularly.
  18. Every time we get a group together to roleplay we only do about 5 sessions and then everyone loses interest. So lame.
  19. Mine seems spooky, but I'm not sure if it's just because he's not properly trained or what.
  20. I think I will find a new doctor. My friend uses this doctor as well and she says the doctor is baby crazy. I'm going to physio on friday at least. I don't know if they will be able to recommend an x-ray or not, I'm not sure what physio entails. What's really stupid is that I told her that the females on my dad's side have a tendency towards poor joints. My aunt has had both of her hips replaced and one knee. My grandma was confined to a wheel chair. And still she did not give me an x-ray because she was paranoid it would affect my fertility and I absolutely must be dying to have a baby. I might tell her my husband has had a vasectomy.
  21. I've been having hip problems for years, and lately my left one is bad enough that I am having trouble simply walking. My doctor won't do an xray because I'm female and my reproductive organs are in that area. Despite insisting that I DO NOT WANT CHILDREN ever, ever, ever, she insists that I'll change my mind. So I get to walk around with hip problems and no diagnosis. I don't know where I'll be able to find a doctor who won't put my reproductive organs above my ability to walk. How am I supposed to have kids if my hips are already messed up anyway?
  22. Hehe he's not a spitz type, he's a puppy!
  23. This is my Alaskan Noble Companion Dog, Shiro, short for Shiranui. Plus I really love Shiro from No Game No Life. He is 4 months old. If he turns out right I'm going to cosplay him as Amaterasu and Shiranui from Okami. So I hope he grows into those ears!
  24. I have an Alaskan Noble Companion Dog. He just turned 4 months.