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  1. Split / Two Head - Purebred White - Purebred too. Even White - Even gen from alt spriters.
  2. Took this. Adding these: Gold Tinsel - From Living in Sin. Gold Tinsel - From Gold Epica Bronze Tinsel - From Hypnotizing. Red Copper - Shimmerkin, from Z'Lena. Gold Tinsel - From Apollo. - Gone. -H
  3. Took Z-code Avatar. Offering: Hellhorse #1 Hellhorse #2 All ancestors named. Perfect set.
  4. Havoc

    Z Project

    Greetings, I have a Z code 2016 Christmas hatchling. If anyone who participates in this project desires one, please offer a non-Z code 2016 Christmas egg or hatchling on this trade: Offer here. -H
  5. UPDATE Lairs and Layers: mentioned here. We have a forum thread. Here
  6. Havoc

    Lairs and Layers

    Our member list continues to grow, reaching 54 a few days ago. -H
  7. An interesting guardian egg from both shimmer and tinsel ancestry. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! -H
  8. Category: DRAGON BREEDS Title of Record: Breeder with the Most Hellhorses - 31 Name of Submitant(forumname): Havoc Scroll Name (link): Scroll Proof for Record: Page 17 I submit this as a Replacement Record as DragonMaiden submitted a hellhorse record previous to this post.
  9. Havoc

    Lairs and Layers

    Greetings, How go the collections of new releases? -H
  10. add a code Forum Name: Havoc Scroll Name: Atrumignem Code wanted: 1. 'Havoc', 'Havok' or any word that appears as such. 2. 'Arcis' Variations Accepted: 1. Capitalization unimportant, "0" for "O" / "o" acceptable (zero for the letter O or o). 2. Capitalization unimportant. Preferred Lineage: No preference. Reward available?: Aye.
  11. Gold. Indeed, there should be a Platinum. -H
  12. Havoc

    Lairs and Layers

    From our Tinsel Thread, to our BSA and Holiday Requests; there are many a project within our forum to help any who are lacking dragons, and as Libby stated above we are an IOU-friendly community. -H
  13. Claimed both. One for me, and one for a friend who collects whites. Thank you. I HAVE this from Living in Sin. All ancestors named. Hopefully this too will be named. Enjoy. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! -H
  14. I have two tinsel-kins for adoption. Terrea from "Living in Sin": Lineage Claim Terrea. White from "CHA0S": Lineage. Claim White. As soon as these are gone I am hoping to breed more. -H
  15. The sun egg has a new home, and shall be well cared for. My brother (Coyote) wanted the lineage, so I have claimed the egg on his behalf. -H
  16. HAVE These Tinsel-kin for good homes: 1. Lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ohRpK [Living in Sin x Terrea] *Click to take me home. 2. Lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/jAHsP [Penk x Mixed] *Click to take me home. 3. Lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/cbg5u [Deadline Silver x Ember] *Click to take me home.
  17. The holiday dragon designs are most excellent. The story is a good adaptation from 'Matchstick Girl' too. Thank you. -H
  18. A most excellent event. Thank you. -H The sword and the tombstone are in the graveyard. The skull is obtained by killing the vine dragon with the sword. The comet is in the planetarium / observatory.