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  1. They didn't have reeses on the poll! D: If it was on there, I'd pick reeses. o3o
  2. Those are some really creepy dreams guys.. Anyway, here is mine. Okay, there was a school field trip and it was to a huge playhouse/disco room/etc thing for halloween, I was in the disco dancing room and ran outside to go to the outdoor waterslide, I climbed up the side and slid down a part of the slide. I could actually FEEL the cold water. Then, I got lost in one part and I looked down at a worker below and I asked him, "which way do I get down!?" (or something along those lines) and he told me which way, I went down and landed beside another worker, then yet another walked up to the slide and said "GET INSIDE THERE IS A HUGE STORM COMING!" (again, something along those lines). Then, I heard at least 5 booms of thunder and 5 strikes of lightning that occurred right after the other. I knelt down and screamed. Then I felt rain and ran inside, everyone huddled into the dance room. Another worker took all the candy from everyone and then called a food delivery car to drop off some cookies. Then he asked me to help unload the car, we went outside and the car was already there. He grabbed one of the boxes and opened it, handing me a cookie. He told me to try it. I took a piece and it tasted cinnamony. I grabbed a few boxes and that is when the dream ended. The night before I has this dream I dreamed of the same 5 booms of thunder and 5 strikes of lightning. Creepy right? (If you want to talk to me about these pleeeeeassse PM me. o3o)
  3. I made a random sticker for this. Horribly done but I don't care. x3 I WISH I COULD GET THAT PYGMY AS AN ACTUAL DRAGON FOR MY SCROLL. TJ SHOULD MAKE THAT HAPPEN, WHO AGREES? ...I like yelling. D
  4. Chicken found! Booyah! All 40 items!
  5. Now how do I get to the basement? I get lost in that thing. >_< /shame
  6. Thanks, but where can I get the comet thing? *feels ashamed of noobism* >Nevermind about this first part.< I tried clicking the main trail a few times, didn't work.
  7. How do you get to the astrology room thingy? I forgot. I tried getting the rainbow chicken but I couldn't get it. o3o
  8. I'm missing the white comet thingy. How do I get that? *pulls up notepad so can write down*
  9. Thanks. UGH, DOWNTIME. >_< Okay, I remember the chicken. But what's the last item? I have all the required items and a ducky. I'll remember other stuff as I go along if I can. x3
  10. I have 38 items. Somebody said something about a chicken? Where is that? I got a rubber ducky. x3
  11. I JUST finished the quest, I admit, it was challenging. But I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I got scared at the end when I saw the dragon picture, thinking I did something wrong. I thought it looks like a gray/storm dragon, when it actually was. xDDD I like the badge too. So yeah.. It was fun. x3
  12. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." I also made a cute banner, can I put it up?