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  1. banned because you banned featherpaw for using the letter b'' when you are also using the letter 'b'
  2. sorry yet again i have not been able to donate but i will soon.
  3. hopefully i will be gifting again soon, i have been away for a while.
  4. banned fot being stupid and getting your laptop taken away from you.
  5. banned because i have no good reason to ban you
  6. banned because you should be out saving the universe.
  7. Thankyou Autana for the green dino egg i won.
  8. whats so funny about wanting to rare dragons
  9. arn't i nice, i just gifted someone a moon shine egg
  10. my sister has me trying to catch eggs for her, so far i have only caught her 1 ,but keep trying and you might get something good luck
  11. for ever and ever. they will be around the caves regulaly depending on the rarity
  12. yeah they are just the lucky ones. (right place at the righ time)
  13. so i am geussing there is no givaway today due to the new releases will it be tomorrow.