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  1. Banned because i have white writing under this post if anyone can read this they are a ninja.
  2. banned for banning me because i have an axolotl as my avatar.
  3. Banned because the silence stars in 'Doctor Who'
  4. banned for still banning people with your sad logbook ban.
  5. banned because you are still sad about you logbook
  6. banned because your avatar reminds me of naruto
  7. Banned because cannibalism is frowned apon
  8. *stares blankly into empty space*
  9. banned because of every other ban on this thread
  10. possibly... but no considering that it is already taken, and it is to much of a hastle
  11. Banned for banning Ardrea when i wanted to ban Ardrea becuase there is nothing wrong with 124 because it sounds better the 123 which sounds to original.
  12. banned for trying to speak to an avatar
  13. banned because of my mega super special awesome ban