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  1. Tried with no success: purple x the speckled greenwing one purple x black horse x red
  2. Does anybody have a link to an adult Crimson? People who don't have any new releases yet should remember that it's just a game; there's no need to take it personally when other people are happy with their own catches.
  3. Oh man, wish I saw this back in february!
  4. Does anybody have advice about viewbombing hatchlings so they die in time for Halloween? Wish I'd hatched them a few days earlier now.
  5. I am so angry, disappointed and upset that somebody I respected and liked so much could ever do something like that. Anybody who isn't sure if they're sober should know to automatically call a ing taxi cab, and the fact that she's more worried about losing my friendship than "oh wow, I could have killed somebody's innocent family, what have I done" makes me wonder if she's really the kind of person I thought she was. And then posting a "poor me" angst message about it on a website we both go on?? Really? At least it wasn't aimed at guilting me or anything, but I'm just...so uncomfortabl
  6. Veiny. D: ...okay maybe the caps are a little off. UCRY. UMAD? JAGA. So close to Java. D: OOPJK. LOL OOPS JK rToph. Because ATLA is the best and so is Toph. CRom. So close to CDRom. ): Pi0Nu. New baby Pionu. (capsfail.) ...ZINC.
  7. Why would somebody abandon this? We just don't know. u__u http://dragcave.net/lineage/IATY2
  8. Deliberate torture. Or hitting a pedestrian when I'm driving, especially if they were a kid. I'm terrified of accidents in general, but I don't think I could live with myself if that happened.
  9. http://dragcave.net/lineage/kpALp http://dragcave.net/lineage/5PX9q o___o
  10. My favorite Tinsel had his first baby, and my 3rd-gen silver gendered male just like I'd hoped.
  11. I tried to click a CB black and somehow managed to grab the pond walker on the other side of the cave. I think I've managed to miss three CB magmas by staring at them stupidly and wondering if they were embers. Not the brightest moment. x'D
  12. What about summoning ratios? I'm actually okay with the ratios in the cave (they're switched out every hour and it's nice to have a couple extra-rare things to work for) but I've been summoning for eons and never seen a dragon whatsoever. I almost wonder if I'm doing it wrong somehow.
  13. http://dragcave.net/lineage/kXRk2 http://dragcave.net/lineage/Crd9m Whoever dropped these babies into the AP, you're fifty shades of cray and I love your face. http://dragcave.net/lineage/GnUc5 I also love this little tinselfail. :> saw its sibling uft and almost wanted to say something! Too bad I didn't think to influence it female.
  14. Kill a Neglected dragon. What's the best way to get views for your eggs?
  15. The thing is, people don't necessarily get "shaken up" and driven to action by somebody being an ass. If that works for you then that's great, but for some people, that kind of acid is going to just be piles on top of piles, and it's not going to spark fire out of them or whatever you assume it's going to do. It's just as likely -- if not more likely, since obviously that person's reaction to verbal abuse isn't to get riled up back, that was the issue in the first place -- that it could just depress them, or cause pointless argument and upset. You're not entitled to assume that's goin
  16. Additionally, if you're that familiar with PTSD, wouldn't you be aware that insensitive comments from a stranger aren't always just standalone verbal abuse to some people? Obviously this isn't the case for you, but it can drag up years of people slinging the same stuff up close and personal. No, you can't safety-pad the entire internet, but it's reasonable to expect basic decency. Would you call a veteran weak for being upset by the fourth of July? After all -- they're just fireworks, right? What about somebody who miscarried who's upset by a commercial for diapers? It's just a commercia
  17. "shame on you if you let some ** you dont even know spoil the fun for you, " ^ How many people do you think actually sit down and deliberately say "I'm going to let this person spoil my game"? It's automatic. It's feeling. You might as well just tell anybody in any problem situation with a game "shame on you if you let yourself feel this way". Awkward controls? Game turns monotonous with the same quests over and over again? "Shame on you, you had fun with this for the first ten minutes you played it!". Why bother soldiering through a game that's no longer fun? Nobody is obligate
  18. Definitely. The female's foreleg position change is a nice improvement, too.
  19. Some things about this sprite seem disproportionate. The hindquarters are much smaller than the front (without the legs attached, they'd be about the same size as the tail) and the head is small in ratio to the body. If this is on purpose, I'd exaggerate the larger curves/parts of the sprite more -- the chest, tail -- so it looks more obvious, and have the body taper more deliberately instead of just having it flow through the one continuous curve. I'd also have the tip of the left one's tail up just a few pixels farther so the body covers it, instead of having it touch the bottom of th