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  1. * Who is your favorite Weasley twin? Love both the same. * Did you want Fred,Tonks,Lupin, and Mad-Eye to die? NO! She should have let at least SOMEBODY live, God! * What house would you be in? Ravenclaw? * Should've Kingsley stayed Minister of Magic PERMANENTLY? Idk. Nah. * What did you think of the Potter,Diggory,and Chang love triangle? I didn't really care that much about the whole traingle thing. Harry barely knew Cho, anyway. * Should Hagrid and Madame Maxime elope? Sure. Why not. * Do you believe all of Harry's triumphs were bogus or assisted with? Assisted. How can one simple wizard do all the stuff that he did, no matter who he is? * Who was your least like teacher? UMBRIDGE. * When you heard about Snape's *love* did you feel sorry for him? Meh. Never liked him that much anyway. I suppose. * When Dumbledore and Sirius died did you cry? I don't really care for Dumbledore, but when Sirius died, I was sad. Tho I never cry in books. * Did you like how they portrayed the fifth movie? Too long, too boring, but whatever. * If you were Harry would you want to kill Cormac McLaggen after that horrific Quidditch match? ...Honestly, I forget who that is. Sure. * RonxLavender,,, Good or bad *barf* Gross. * RonxFleur...Good or Bad They're not really right for each other. * What is your favorite spell,charm,jinx,or curse? AVADA KEDAVRA!!!! XP * What is your favorite magical subject? DADA. * How many times have you read the HP series? ...Twice. * Would you make a Horcrux if a person asked you to kill them because they were dying? No. I'm just a stupid Muggle. * If so what would you make it out of? If I could, then perhaps a snow globe. XP That would be funny.
  2. I've written two stories long enough to be novels, but they both sucked, and they were both fanfics. I've been writing for four years now. Currently I am technically writing an actual story that CAN theoretically be published, but, alas, I am a major procrastinator. I have about ten pages, and I haven't written anything except a paragraph in a month.
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    Bah, never read the books, never will. Not to say that I don't have anything against people who love the series (my best friend is a total Twilight nut), but cliche sappy teenage romance just doesn't appeal to me. Though I do give Stephanie credit for coming up with a way to make a very cliche sort of teen paranormal romance so popular and so easily enjoyed. Maybe the only reason I hate the series is that the movie sucked, after all. *shrugs*
  4. I've seen too many to really make an honest opinion, but I do remember Percy Jackson sucked terribly being that it totally did not correspond with the book at all.
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    Lady Gaga

    Her music videos make no sense, and she's very, very weird, but I think her music sounds cool, though she doesn't exactly have the best range out there.
  6. My opinions on them. Lady GaGa has cool songs, but not a very good range. Katy Perry is...odd. Miley Cyrus is literally a And I have no clue about Hilary. I'm goin' with Katy.
  7. Paramore? Honestly, idk, I've never heard a Green Day song before.
  8. Idk what my first game I played was. I think it was Mario Karts.
  9. Food (good food, at that) More food A good book Dogs My fish The internet Music (I would die without it) Video games Movies Swimming Dessert (separate from food, cuz I love it more) Making people happy and/or laugh And squishy things (don't ask)
  10. It's epic-looking, I'll give it that, but probably way too expensive to actually buy.
  11. You people make me feel like a fail. >.< I am a proud English speaker, and an English speaker only.
  12. Personally, I would die without meat, and could never go vegetarian, but I do agree with some vegetarian concepts; although I don't find killing animals for food immoral and wrong, I do not like the way some farmers treat animals in custody, and, face it; the way we process food is filthy. Which is why I cook the living crap out of meat before I eat it.
  13. I used to collect stuffed animals and video games when I was younger, but now I just collect pins and souvenirs.
  14. 1) Belly. 9 2) Ribs. 8 3) Underarms. 10 4) Neck. 10 5) Back. 6 6) Feet. 6 7) Sides 10 Meh...