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  1. * Who is your favorite Weasley twin? Love both the same. * Did you want Fred,Tonks,Lupin, and Mad-Eye to die? NO! She should have let at least SOMEBODY live, God! * What house would you be in? Ravenclaw? * Should've Kingsley stayed Minister of Magic PERMANENTLY? Idk. Nah. * What did you think of the Potter,Diggory,and Chang love triangle? I didn't really care that much about the whole traingle thing. Harry barely knew Cho, anyway. * Should Hagrid and Madame Maxime elope? Sure. Why not. * Do you believe
  2. I've written two stories long enough to be novels, but they both sucked, and they were both fanfics. I've been writing for four years now. Currently I am technically writing an actual story that CAN theoretically be published, but, alas, I am a major procrastinator. I have about ten pages, and I haven't written anything except a paragraph in a month.
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    Bah, never read the books, never will. Not to say that I don't have anything against people who love the series (my best friend is a total Twilight nut), but cliche sappy teenage romance just doesn't appeal to me. Though I do give Stephanie credit for coming up with a way to make a very cliche sort of teen paranormal romance so popular and so easily enjoyed. Maybe the only reason I hate the series is that the movie sucked, after all. *shrugs*
  4. I've seen too many to really make an honest opinion, but I do remember Percy Jackson sucked terribly being that it totally did not correspond with the book at all.
  5. Her music videos make no sense, and she's very, very weird, but I think her music sounds cool, though she doesn't exactly have the best range out there.
  6. My opinions on them. Lady GaGa has cool songs, but not a very good range. Katy Perry is...odd. Miley Cyrus is literally a And I have no clue about Hilary. I'm goin' with Katy.
  7. Paramore? Honestly, idk, I've never heard a Green Day song before.
  8. Idk what my first game I played was. I think it was Mario Karts.
  9. Food (good food, at that) More food A good book Dogs My fish The internet Music (I would die without it) Video games Movies Swimming Dessert (separate from food, cuz I love it more) Making people happy and/or laugh And squishy things (don't ask)
  10. It's epic-looking, I'll give it that, but probably way too expensive to actually buy.
  11. You people make me feel like a fail. >.< I am a proud English speaker, and an English speaker only.
  12. Personally, I would die without meat, and could never go vegetarian, but I do agree with some vegetarian concepts; although I don't find killing animals for food immoral and wrong, I do not like the way some farmers treat animals in custody, and, face it; the way we process food is filthy. Which is why I cook the living crap out of meat before I eat it.
  13. I used to collect stuffed animals and video games when I was younger, but now I just collect pins and souvenirs.
  14. 1) Belly. 9 2) Ribs. 8 3) Underarms. 10 4) Neck. 10 5) Back. 6 6) Feet. 6 7) Sides 10 Meh...