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I do accept and give IOU's 

My Scroll

My CB dragon counter - Am always looking for offers of CB hatchies that are marked with 0 or 1 on this list; also looking for CB hatchies for freezing that are not marked with a Y in the second sheet of the same file


Please do not be afraid to PM me, I am (pretty much) always open to any offers on my trades. I also breed on request(often for free) :)

If you find yourself with an offspring of my dragons and see that one of them is unnamed - feel free to ping me and I'll fix that!

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    I am currently working on collecting CB frozen dragons of all breeds, of all stages(and all genders if hatchies have dimorphism). Here is the link to the spreadsheet that shows how far along I am on my mission(click second sheet):


    I will be very interested in trading for dragons that are currently not marked with a Y my list(especially those in the "Common" part!) and am willing to catch/breed nice things for those hatchies :)

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