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wishlist in my profileSEARCH ANY BBW HATCHIES AND EGGS FOR ARMY! *o*I'm from Italy and I'm sorry for my bad English >___<2300148011.pngEdelweiss© follow-me-on-pinterest-button.pngEdelweiss86.png 2117792.gif 343radg.gif

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    My WishList:

    - BB Wyvern any lineage, CB, ecc.

    - Spring CB (male and female)
    - Silver (CB, 2gen or pretty lineage)
    - Gold (CB, 2gen or pretty lineage)
    - ND CB (any gender)

    My weakness...the eggs I can't refuse xD (egg or hatchling)

    - Seasonal CB
    - Black CB
    - Golden Wyvern CB
    - Nebula CB
    - White Striped CB
    - Red CB
    - Red Dorsal CB
    - Tan Ridgewing CB
    Always need:

    - BSA Pink and Red (any lineage-male Pink priority)
    - 2gen any colours of Striped
    - 2gen from Old Pink
    - 2gen from Frill
    - 2gen common/rare x rare
    - 2gen common/rare x holiday
    - any Tinsel 3/4 or 5gen (no messy)
    - any lineage of ND

    IOU for:
    (please, I ask you to be available to receive egg/hatchling when I make IOU and I find for you eggs and hatchies. I send PM when I have the items and I can wait as long as possible; but if you no aswer and the hatchies grow up, I WILL NOT SEARCH AGAIN.)
    Amarin Rose >> Gold Tinsel from Avrora (Alexandria Aurelix lineage) (lost egg)

    IOU for me: