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  1. sORRY if i put this ion the wrong place. My computer was stuffed up and it showed the general disscussion fourm when it was really the help fourm.
  2. I assure you that all these names are used up by me or someone else. Oh and the last option was accdently bunched up.. It's supposed to be: Other All of them
  3. Just a survey. i was wondering how many people have them seen I haven't seen them around yet
  4. I've been all around this event and collected heaps of itmes but I still haven't finished. Why?
  5. Name: Twenty one seconds Gender: female Type: ???? Power: water???? Job: um a warrior if there are some Personality: Always happy to help, very easly maddened, a bit stir crazy at times Appearance: Blue and green Age: 10???