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  1. Is anyone else having trouble getting cave pages to load?
  2. And, if an egg was on the high side (closer to 4 days) it seems the hatchies also grew up on the high side. So it could take anywhere from 6-8 days for a dragon to grow up. Mine were always on the high side, with rare exception. I also remember that before the 3-4 days it was done in decimals. This egg will die it if does not hatch in 3.12 days or 4.24 days or whatever. I had a sticky note stuck to the comp with all of them in minutes so I didn't have to think about it.
  3. Best of luck to all who entered. (I once drew a cat for my niece. It looked like a deformed pig...not entering again)
  4. Have Z code CB precog F jungle zyumorph Want: gen 2 gold lunar herald from gold Lunar Herald x soulstone and gen 2 ice x arsani Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Happy Valentine's Day and happy hunting to all!!
  6. They are there, they just go very fast. There are still alt sweetlings out there, but not so many now, since some people have left the game.
  7. Imzadi

    Prize Central

    Have gen 2 bronze shimmer x female gaia Want CB ND or CB gold offers Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. Although it does not happen often, I have had time shift a bit on eggs. I always check for time of death as soon as possible and then again every day. About 2 hrs from exp I check on the hour to make sure of the exact second. I can remember once having an egg that stayed at xx:xx:24 until day of exp when it dropped to xx:xx:20 That's with every second refresh and no lag.
  9. The code demanded that I give her this name https://dragcave.net/view/Gun0p
  10. You can temporarily change the name of parent dragons asking for its return with reward. Posting names in trades is not 0k but naming is..ie :'Return to DarkPhoenis etc' and 'reward for return' or some such
  11. Congrats to Dohaerys and Infinis, and thanks again to TJ09 for the new release. ( Even if I wasn't expecting it.)
  12. Happy almost birthday to me! That hasn't happened since the Nhiostrifes. I was definitely expecting this, but am very happy. So far they are still easy to get. Thanks TJ09
  13. I've seen them done. Mostly they don't work and if they do it's with very little time left (same as with eggs) It will die very shortly after it turns since it will not have anything close to enough stats to grow up. You could always try to revive a dead hatchie, but all the ones I've seen so far have been frozen immediately after turning.
  14. I love it! You did a fantastic job getting all the dragons to play the appropriate roles.
  15. Have CB Caligene Want CB Omen Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  16. Have CB Caligene Want CB Omen Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  17. Imzadi

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    have gen 3 bronze tinsel x cassare. Want gen 2 silver x female black marrow Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
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    I've found (for myself) that if I use fertility and get a no interest more than once, it was probably a refusal before fertility. If i can I switch one of the mates I have much better luck. One pair gave me no interest three times before I finally got smart.
  19. Have CB canopy, CB pipio It is free to anyone with no or bronze trophy Offer Dummy Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Thanks for all the offers. I picked the one with the least number. Will likely continue this
  20. I have them from all biomes, though it's been a while since I picked any more.
  21. I haven't myself, but I can't see why they wouldn't I'd go ahead and try, because you'd have time still if it doesn't work...and then you will know.