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  1. Ion- romance (love this story so I didn't try any for any different ending) Wilda- friend zone, then romance Mordred- friend zone and after 10 tries finally romance Olivia- romance (Love it but this is a long one) Harle- romance Alun- romance (super sweet story, recommended 100%) Tsoko- romancex2 (I failed to friend zone, apparently we were destined to be lovers) The only thing I would've changed was the music playlists... seriously I would of gotten music by Lady Gaia, Katy Pygmy, Michael Jackstone and Balloon 5...
  2. I support this too. It's nice because I have to work long hours and can't always log in on the last day to decorate.
  3. Have  Will have rosey/night wings 3gen with Radiant angel Want: 2Gen Aegis(calm) from Solstice. If you only get Solstice I'll take it, but really hoping for an Aegis. https://dragcave.net/teleport/c0dbcc10e1d750569759c5422160ef17
  4. Wonderful updates, the market is great idea... I'm having more fun seeing how many shards I can get for doing things. Also great for those of us with slow as mud connections. The new eggs look great! Really Happy Birthday DC!
  5. Yes, and proud of it. But I got an upside down egg in the end
  6. Thanks.... I feel like a fool now
  7. I can't see the game, is it over already?
  8. Grey is kinda' a let down... It's cool you caught it at 50/50. I wonder what the chances of it ending at 50/50 would be given all the variables... and if they even wrote a storyline for that possiblity... Ok going off topic sorry... Go Fire!
  9. So if it's 50% Fire and 50% Ice would the bar be purple?
  10. Yes, that is the dragon and Thank you.
  11. If a dragon's spriter is not listed, who do we contact for drawing fan art of the dragon?
  12. Ok understood but what about non dragon sprites and images?
  13. I have a question concerning making fan art. If I want to do a Dragon Cave fan comic on DeviantArt do I need to ask every sprite artist for permission? I'm not going to use any graphics/sprites from the site, it would be all my hand drawings.
  14. Have: http://3G with spriters Alt female Plated checker http://4G with spriters Alt Female Royal Blue checker http://2G with male CB Gold Want: http://CB, high time, low time Links: Make an offer on my Desipis egg! Make an offer on my Shadow walker Royal Blue checker egg! Make an offer on my Shadow walker G2 egg!
  15. I generally liked the game, brought me back to the old days of RPGs. It's nice to see them try to do different event ideas even if it doesn't fit everyone's cup of hot cocoa. I was going to try to be naughty but I just couldn't bring myself to be such a jerk; And after grabbing every cat or furry critter in the town there was no way I was going to keep it... The new dragon is really nice, thinking of lineages for it is going to be fun. Overall thank you to those who worked hard on the event.
  16. I've got so many mixed reviews on HIS description. I'm not sure if I should make all the suggested changes or keep it the way it is... User Comments •Accept: Can't spot the difference - still funny -H •Accept: "hunters, he", ha ha, nice. When he does find rum, does he sing "We're devils and black sheep, really bad eggs, Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho"...? -DT •Accept: Poor dragon, would send him a crate if I could! •Accept: *giggle* Poor Rum, finding that the rum's always gone... ~Kim •Abstain: Sadly, many times he finds (add punctuation, take out 'of') •Accept: •Accept: Hmm, this is a Pirate's of the Caribbean reference, right? I actually only saw this movie once a looooong time ago and don't really remember it. ~D •Accept: •Accept: •Accept: "the dragon hunters"->"the dragon hunter" (in the previous sentence, there was only one) ; "wrecks; including"->"wrecks, including" ; "many of times"->"most times". Love the reference! : •Accept: Very good! -Az •Accept:
  17. Thank you, all better now... I feel kinda' silly
  18. What happened to the male twoheaded sprite?
  19. I Agree I'd rather see twins from eggs. I don't really care one way or the other about multi-clutches, but the chance of getting two hatchies from one egg sounds like fun. Even if one auto-abandons you still have one. What if you don't need/want two, well you can always share/trade the other. As for lineage protecting, you just have to make sure you're not scroll locked when the egg hatches. Also hatches are always wanted off the AP, so it would not clog up the cave. Also as far as I know from other egg laying animals; twins come from one egg.
  20. Yeah that one got me too. Any game where the horse, dog, pet; dies or gets left behind gets to me.
  21. So I finally gave this guy a description:Lineage • Accept: Tihihi -H • Accept: Poor guy! *ships him a cartload of rum* ~D • Accept: Yo-ho, yo-ho, a dragon's life for me! ~Storm • Accept: • Accept: We used it to make a fire. Then someone pointed out I used the wrong 'its' So I fixed it and resubmitted it. • Accept: Hmm, this is a Pirate's of the Caribbean reference, right? I actually only saw this movie once a looooong time ago and don't really remember it. ~D • Accept: Very good! -Az Yes it is a PotC reference and Rum thanks D for the cartload
  22. They use AI on humans, for many reasons. One reason is a woman might want to have children but can't find a man to love her. With that being said yes I agree that it feels like it would be a forced thing; unless like my example above is the case. If the female really likes the male, but the male has no use for her I could see this working. As intelligent as dragons are or are not, I can see some females still having instincts that make them want to have offspring to a particular male. Think this idea needs some more refining along those ideals.
  23. Sounds good to me, can't wait for some new features. This gives me some time to get back to some breeding projects/lineages that need some work.
  24. Gave the Albino breeding another try and got another Albino egg: Lineage