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  1. Oh my GoN, someone finally made a Negg egg! All of them look wonderful this, congrats to the artists that got choosen. I wonder if they'll ever make a Dragon Cave Negg
  2. Coast Pargulus Male X Alpine Pargulus Female = Female Blue Pargulus My Market Pargulus hatched green, and I'm going to try and breed it with a 'Cave' mate.
  3. Well I did some hatchery surfing and made a list on paper. There aren't many bred ones hatched yet so it's still a small sample: Coast Pargulus X Coast Pargulus = Blue Pipio Desert X Volcano Pargulas = Green Pipio Volcano X Alpine Pargulus =Green Coast Pargulus X Pumpkin Cave = Blue Volcano Pargulus X Alpine Pargulus =Red So now it's looking more like parental biome/color is major factor, with random oddball( example of the two Volcano Pargulus producing a green). Also I sure the market will give totally random color for now.
  4. I have 3 purebred pargulus babies: Alpine blue X Coast blue had a blue baby Desert green X Desert green had a green baby Volcano red X Volcano red had a green baby So I'm thinking the babies are random color.
  5. I have dyslexia but I love to read. Even though it was hard for me as a kid and still difficult as an adult I still love my books. My parents never forced me to read; however I tend to read non-fiction. My reading teacher scolded me; I think in the 3rd grade, because I never took out any fiction books. She forced me to take out a picture book of Black Beauty, and I did enjoy it... but went back to my non-fiction the next week. As an adult I still tend to collect non-fiction books with lots of reference pictures, which is becoming more common in adult books now. There ar
  6. They are perfect I think I've seen my high risk nurse give the same expression as the Amalthean when someone fusses about wearing a mask in the office.
  7. I'd like to make a request if it's possible... the new DC birthday dragons wearing masks with style?
  8. Ok, well then I guess it was just random luck for me... which is nice since I've had some bad luck lately.
  9. I tested part of your theory and it worked for me... somehow... might have been random luck... 4 blue spotted eggs caught on the 21st between 7-9pm DC time. 2 were ER hatched after 00:10 and hatched blue before 08:00 on the 24th. 2 were ER hatched after 09:01 and hatched red/brown on the 24th
  10. Working on a few trade deals. Thank you all!
  11. Ion- romance (love this story so I didn't try any for any different ending) Wilda- friend zone, then romance Mordred- friend zone and after 10 tries finally romance Olivia- romance (Love it but this is a long one) Harle- romance Alun- romance (super sweet story, recommended 100%) Tsoko- romancex2 (I failed to friend zone, apparently we were destined to be lovers) The only thing I would've changed was the music playlists... seriously I would of gotten music by Lady Gaia, Katy Pygmy, Michael Jackstone and Balloon 5...
  12. I support this too. It's nice because I have to work long hours and can't always log in on the last day to decorate.
  13. Have  Will have rosey/night wings 3gen with Radiant angel Want: 2Gen Aegis(calm) from Solstice. If you only get Solstice I'll take it, but really hoping for an Aegis. https://dragcave.net/teleport/c0dbcc10e1d750569759c5422160ef17
  14. Wonderful updates, the market is great idea... I'm having more fun seeing how many shards I can get for doing things. Also great for those of us with slow as mud connections. The new eggs look great! Really Happy Birthday DC!
  15. Yes, and proud of it. But I got an upside down egg in the end
  16. Thanks.... I feel like a fool now
  17. I can't see the game, is it over already?
  18. Grey is kinda' a let down... It's cool you caught it at 50/50. I wonder what the chances of it ending at 50/50 would be given all the variables... and if they even wrote a storyline for that possiblity... Ok going off topic sorry... Go Fire!
  19. So if it's 50% Fire and 50% Ice would the bar be purple?
  20. Yes, that is the dragon and Thank you.
  21. If a dragon's spriter is not listed, who do we contact for drawing fan art of the dragon?
  22. Ok understood but what about non dragon sprites and images?
  23. I have a question concerning making fan art. If I want to do a Dragon Cave fan comic on DeviantArt do I need to ask every sprite artist for permission? I'm not going to use any graphics/sprites from the site, it would be all my hand drawings.