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  1. Updated List: Thank you to everyone who has sent a flower (or some!). Still sending to everyone who has posted recently. Time to spread the flower love! Edit: Updated
  2. Did someone call for a florist? Sending lots of flowers to you all! Scroll name: XHyourinmaru Any flowers would be appreciated, I'm missing quite a lot! Will send as many as I can to help Here's my list: Edit: Wow thank you very much everyone! Updated and still sending
  3. I'm really excited that we can catch CBs of the old Hallowe'en releases; I always wanted to be able to catch my own CB Marrows and create my own lineages with them, and it lets people who missed them previously catch their CBs too! I love the trick or treating event too; dressing up the hatchling is fun
  4. Wow, Thank you TJ and Happy 11th Birthday DragCave!
  5. Ticket to Vietnam available ! Please quote+reply or send a PM to confirm !
  6. Travelling Asia! Travellers involved: XToshiro, Viridis Capitals travelled: Hanoi, Vientiane
  7. Ticket to Hanoi Please reply and quote to be sure! Or send me a PM
  8. Passport Capital: Hanoi Country: Vietnam Dragons: Speckle-Throated Native 2nd gen: Nguyen Son Hai Last bred: 02.10.2016 Contact (thread, PM or both): PM or post on Thread is fine. Already travelled: Ramallah Would like another visit: N/A Regular online time(s): Any time is fine, though I'm active more often in the evenings. Timezone: GMT +1 (UK time) Time off: N/A for now
  9. A little bit rude perhaps ? Almost ! Sort of cool being all lower case letters though.
  10. I've been wanting to create a lineage like this for years ! Now not only can I finally create this but also others too. There seems to be a lot of pairs they fit well into; I like them with the Ices, Whites and Purple Nebulas. Maybe Greys would be good too
  11. Happy birthday DC ! I was so surprised this morning when I went to check the biomes and saw all the new graphics ! I've always wanted a chance to adopt some of the old, retired dragons. Thank you for bringing them back and to everyone involved ! Its beautiful
  12. Such a wonderful event ! I really enjoyed playing through this game; a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in its creation
  13. Many thanks to Rally Vincent for breeding this Ice dragon, the names of the parents and other offspring made me laugh quite a lot ! Also thank you to the breeder of this Copper dragon, the lineage really is beautiful!
  14. I like the idea of having a dragon inspired by Christmas/Wintry birds; perhaps Cardinals, Doves, or Robins, possibly even Blue Jays; their colours would look lovely but perhaps not so festive. Else maybe an Eastern dragon, or something icy would be really nice; a blue-silver colour scheme would be pretty. I also like the ideas of the gingerbread or Hanukkah-inspired dragon, the candles reference sounds like sweet.
  15. The eggs are absolutely beautiful! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event!
  16. *Lures pretty pygmies away*
  17. Ices. For some reason, my mind goes crazy when I see the "Icicles" and I just click. It's probably got something to do with how I wanted to create a lineage with them when I started DC and went on a hunt for CB ices.
  18. *Swipes bright pinks and alt black*
  19. *Swipes Ice egg and Sunsets*