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School starts back tomorrow! I'll be online at 3:30 EST~ HOW TO SOLVE ANY PROBLEM: by my RP charactersNavi: Go wisp and lead your friends AWAYYYYYTatl: OH LOOK I'M NAVIGregori: Is Seoni alright? I'll kill you if you made her cry. Adela: That's it. I'm shooting up the place.Ito: Blush and lock up, refuse to answerSeoni: Are YOU SERIOUS, I'M THE QUEEN?!Tybalt: Either smooth talk your way out, or knife them. M'rellia: DROWN ALL THE THINGSJames: Time travel the hell outta thereKinlea: Get Daddy's mafia to kill them.Farrah: Cry. Either Ito or your parents will handle it.Xerces: have a come to Jesus meetingTerryn: Pout, whine, cry, or get defensive.Cayla, Rayla, Fayla: SILENT TREATMENTMarcus: Be a hero

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    [URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHmrZ76DvLY&feature=related][b]YOU POSTED ON THE THREAD![/b][/URL]

    The Lycrawaterz14 is also known as her alterego Princess Leya of the Freeform section. Nah, I think descriptions like this are stupid. But seriously, I do have a lightsaber-tazer, I'm a baby-mod, usually the only girl in war RPs, have lots of sarcasm, and I bite. So yes. Be afraid.
    Username: Lycrawaterz14
    Ruler Name: Tybalt
    Age: 21
    Gender: Clearly male
    Species: Human, though a mage of some sort... he is adept in trickery...
    Appearance: One sexy hunk of man. [URL=http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/061/0/1/tybalt___commission_by_lehanan-d3ar4ti.jpg]Mmm.[/URL]
    History: He came into power as a sixteen year old and threw his weight around, knocking over anyone who opposed him. He supposedly was raised in secret by his mother as an illegitimate son of the leader before him. He grew up on the street and basically took over each cartel, one by one.
    Governing Style: Mobs, party bosses, cartels and rich people. Corrupt. Tybalt is on top, and most everyone knows it. It is unsure how rich the government is...
    Kingdom: That sexy piece in the middle of the map, with the light green color. Mmm.
    Password: I don't have to give you a damn fudgenuggeting password. Back the hell off.

    Kingdom Information: It is a market/smuggling community, with lots of 'wealth' floating about. Gambling is rampant, and to be on top you have to know all the cards to play and which trigger to shoot. Cartels sneak items and assasins through the country, and crime is a part of life. It is full of scenery, and the nightlife is extraordinary.
    Kingdom Name: Cyvegas (Sigh-vegas)
    Kingdom Ruler: Tybalt
    Kingdom Color: Lime
    Kingdom Symbol: Dagger
    Majority Species of the Kingdom: Human/illegitimate offspring.
    Land Geography: Uses its small coastal area as ports, with the rest of the kingdom being of rolling green hills and flat market areas. Many taverns are open, and a few hospitals. Most of the wounds are knives and burns, and usually fatal, so medical knowledge is thrown about and no real hospitals. Just pour a little alcohol on it. It'll be fine. The markets are sprawling and many store fronts are cartel headquarters.
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    ¸.·´¸.·´¨; ¸.·*¨;
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ ´¸¸.·¨¯`·.♥(¸.·´
    Lets see... Music?...
    METTALICA!!! AC/DC!!! *headbangs*
    Skillet, Stone sour... system of a down...

    Video Games?


    ... and Zelda's okaaaaaaaaaaay.


    They is for losers. You wanna be manly? Be like Carlos. Join Flag Corps. Then you can have epic lightsaber battles in the band room! (LOL, PM me for the whole story, It's hilarious!!!)

    I lyk drawin too... and Dragcave. (Duh.) Rps are fun. I play keyboard/piano cause I can't play anything with strings (*sobs*) Currently learning to play Papparazi by Lady Gaga And I'm severely blonde. Severely.

    Songs learned:
    Back in black-AC/DC
    Run to the hills- Iron maiden
    The trooper- Iron maiden
    I'm not afraid-Eminem
    It's okay- Not sure XD
    Saria's song/Lost woods- Zelda:Ocarina of time
    Song of Time- Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Midna's Lament- Zedla: Twilight princess
    Title screen- Zelda:Windwaker
    Mario theme- Super Mario brothers
    Leak-Bioshock 2
    Desert lullaby- an original work
    Gerudo Valley- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    ...Thael, you didn't ALREADY see my profile? I'm a little insulted.