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  1. Banned for being rouge. I also hare foxesXD
  2. just reilised i breed an inbred tinsel :sigh: does anyone want it as a starter? Here is the link: hatchling also, is there anyone i can offer an iou to for a 3rd gen?
  3. i got mine by clicking, pressing bacspace, then clicking.
  4. missed the first drop by 8 minutes:( been stalking 5 min drops but no luck!
  5. Good to know! I hope you were able to get through the hard times.
  6. sounds quite good, i will put it on the petition page, for if ladiefare says we can do it. can you put it in a code box so i can get the quotes, not very good at posting.
  7. I also agree with some of the people saying no, and will only go ahead if ladiefare gives permission, but i do not see what is wrong with creating this prior to her saying we can do it so we can go ahead as soon as possible.
  8. Ok, i made one. Dorkface name returnal = merged with this thread as it is a dupilcate=
  9. Hopefully if we get enough people TJ will return Midas and Shallyna'ar's names,and make them permament so every body vote for the returnal! I will not forward this to TJ if ladiefare says no. This is the proposed text we send to TJ, written by dragongrrl and taken from the "do you have a dorkface Thread" We, the undersigned, respectfully request that our honored Adminstrator and site owner, TJ09, please consider our request for the renaming of Midas Dorkface and his beloved mate, Shallyna'ar. We base our request on their service to Dragcave, the extent and love of their lineage throughout the Cave, and the willingness of the current nameholder to allow the return of their names. We present Nine's post from the Do you have a Dorkface? thread: dragongrrl's Google results, also posted in the Do you have a Dorkface? thread, establishing the fame of the Dorkface pair as the single most important contribution to Dragcave's success: and from The Book of Dc Records: It is also generally considered that the lineage reported is a small fraction of the actual number of descendants. One possible estimate includes over 146,000 dragons. Together with the names of the undersigned members of Dragcave, we ask that Midas Dorkface and Shallyna'ar be permanently named, freeing them from the obligatory logins if ladiefare is not available due to rl circumstances, and showing forever the love and respect earned by this outstanding Dragcave couple.
  10. YES, YES, YES! now, does anyone else think that we should start a poll petition part thing to send to TJ?
  11. I can see what you mean, but his isn't the former users, this would be a group of people who feel that that name should be Kept on that line
  12. Well, according to brairtrainer post just above, the name has been taken by another dorkface thread, who i would think are doing in the hope that former Midas can have his name returned.
  13. i don't know, maybe we could have it as a poll and people vote to have name returned and send TJ the link to show him how many people want the names back.
  14. we should send a petition to TJ asking for the names to be restored!
  15. Bred an egg with the code VOK1M. i think thats a pretty cool name! also have one the code danie. almost my name!
  16. I have two. One egg and one adult EGGAdult Make that 3, 2 eggs and 1 adult EGG2
  17. Banned for being awake! mum sent you to bed ages ago!
  18. Banned for hiding. You should be out there throwing pillows back!