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  1. Before this thread ends, would someone be kind enough to explain how the Lunar Heralds are dropping? I realize it's by moon phase, but... I'm confused. PM or public, just please be nice, I'm not trying to be a dunce here...

  2. I have a distant but direct descendant of the Dorkface lineage from ladiefare - probably about around twelve generations or so down the line.


    It's via my male white dragon, Kat Angeel.


    Kat is the prefix I'm using to distinguish my dragons; because, my real name is Catherine, though I go by Katie, hence the Kat.



  3. I hunt the AP page more than the cave. At least, the AP page is where I get most of my eggs...

    Same here. I usually go for eggs that I remember I have never had hatch and grow successfully before.


    As for what kind of person I am on DC... I guess I'd have to be a hobbyist more than anything. No stories based on my dragons; as well, I'm very infrequent on these boards right now (though I hope to change that and be more active.)


    I've found that more of the "special" eggs (well, for me they are; it seems they are more rare) on the Abandoned page lately. Picked two just today (a lightning one and a zebra-like striped one.)