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  1. I have one CB silver, one CB almandine, and one CB chrono xenofor anyone who needs help getting one of those things for their giftee. PM me and tell me which hatchling you need and who your giftee is (so I can look up their list) <3 EDIT: eek...just realized the almandine only has 8 hours left before growing up >.< I'm trying to find a swap right now, so still PM me if you need it for your giftee and hopefully I can trade for one with more time and send that to whoever PMs me. All claimed!
  2. Just missed a 2G prizekin in the AP...*sighs* x)
  3. Anyone know why the forum is saying that there are almost 900 guests on the site right now? Glitch or mass invasion??
  4. The raffle has ended and prize winners have been chosen! It went much faster this time since I had time to start making the lists as people entered instead of waiting until the end, so yay for making things easier on myself! Huge congratulations to the following winners: Nyxity Tasokie xxBurningxx kiyoura CharonDusk And a massive thank you to infinis and stardust13 for their generous donations :3 I'll be putting up some guidelines for donations in my 'reserved' post over the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for a new post about that. Thank you to everyone who participated! I hope everyone enjoyed the raffle even if you didn't win anything, and I encourage everyone to keep trying Shae
  5. Yes, previous winners may absolutely enter again as long as they still meet the requirements
  6. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Infinis has kindly donated a 2G ice from an alt caligene to the raffle! If you've already submitted a raffle form but would like to put your name in the drawing for the ice, you can either PM me and I'll edit your response manually or you can submit a new form just for the ice. Huge thank you to Infinis for her generous donation!
  7. Yes, a new raffle has been posted :3 good luck everyone! There will definitely be at least one more raffle before Christmas, so keep an eye out!
  8. Objectively, the new silver sprites are well done in regards to shading and anatomy and all that...but personally, I'm sorry, I can't stand them =/ The shading is just too realistic compared to most of the other dragons in the cave, so the difference is jarring to look at. I adored the old sprites so much that I've spent over four years now (holy cow, longer than I thought...) collecting them. I've managed to collect over 600 silvers in my silver checker lineage project alone, so that's not counting the randomly lineages silvers I collected before realizing the beautiful checker lineages I could get or the CBs I've spent hundreds of hours hunting and trading for >.< I appreciate all the hard work that the spriter(s?) put into the new silver design, and I can remove my personal opinion enough to say that, objectively, they did good work...but I can't help feeling absolutely crushed that the lineages I was so damn proud of just don't feel beautiful anymore to me x__x I feel like I've wasted the last four years on a totally pointless effort. The splits, however, I honestly like.
  9. Spent the past four years on DC building my army of CB / 2G / checkered silvers because I thought their sprites were gorgeous and I loved them so much...and now they have a new sprite that I don't like. At all =/ Anyone who knows me knows that collecting metal checkers, especially my precious silvers, has pretty much been the only thing I've actually worked towards for these four years on DC, and now...god, sorry x__x It's stupid to be crying over pixels, but I feel like all the time and effort I put into building these beautiful lineages I was so freaking proud of means nothing now that I don't think they're beautiful anymore...
  10. Once Upon a Time is slowly ripping my heart to shreds x__x my OTP is just...gahhh, it's killing me to watch this
  11. I need to apologize again. Guess who ended up with food poisoning and spent a full 24 hours in bed...heh x__x I've managed to get most of the prizes off to the winners, but some of the intended prizes have grown up while I was ill. Thankfully, only one of them had a winner already chosen so I will give that person a replacement. Thanksgiving Day Raffle Winners Enalahs HowlingOwl Purplehaze Clya FireMercury Velvet-Curse Areous - raffle prize has replaced with a new prize and a huge apology. Thanks for being so understanding, Areous! The winners are free to let everyone know what they've won, but I decided not to reveal anyone's prizes myself. Thank you to everyone who participated, and especially for being so patient with me and the huge delay of announcing the winners. I hope to hold another raffle as soon as I can
  12. Hello again! I hope everyone had a really wonderful Thanksgiving (or Thursday in general for those of you outside the USA =P)! I hate to do this, but after the day I've had...I'm going to have to finish picking the winners tomorrow. Almost a hundred of you signed up which is SUPER awesome, but I haven't even finished putting everyone's names onto the appropriate lists in order to have random.org pick the winners and I keep making mistakes because I'm exhausted. I'm really sorry to make all of you wait another day to know if you won, but I appreciate your patience and I promise I'll end the suspense as soon as I can tomorrow *hugs you all* if everyone can try to check their PMs tomorrow by 8pm (cave time) at the latest, it would be much appreciated - thank you guys! - Shae
  13. When a raffle is closed I'll always change the subtitle of the thread from OPEN to CLOSED and remove the current raffle information (both of which I just did). I won't make a separate post saying the raffle is closed. I will, however, make a post within a few hours of the raffle closing to announce the winners
  14. Yes, you may join. If anyone joined before the deadline but didn't create a profile on the forums until after January 2014, just PM me privately and let me know. I do have another way to confirm it in this case <3
  15. No, a deadline doesn't count <3 I went ahead and edited your form for you, so you're in the 2G drawing now
  16. I'm loving all the entries flying in!! Just a few notes: I amended the CB Xeno rule so that it's five per biome. If there's even one biome you have five or fewer from, you're eligible to enter. I also changed the settings on the form so that you guys can edit your own responses after submitting them! This way if you realize you made a mistake with something or want to change an answer for some other reason, you can do so any time before the raffle closes If anyone sees any other issues, or if there's anything in the rules / info / etc posts that should be added or fixed or reworded to be more clear, please let me know - thanks! — Shae (I'm also Shae on the IRC if you ever see me pop in and want to chat <3)
  17. V. Reserved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction / General Info & FAQ II. General Rules III. Current Raffle (including specific rules) IV. Previous Winners V. Reserved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TBE Other people may post now, if they want <3
  18. IV. Previous Winners ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction / General Info & FAQ II. General Rules III. Current Raffle (including specific rules) IV. Previous Winners V. Reserved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanksgiving Day Raffle Winners Enalahs HowlingOwl Purplehaze Clya FireMercury Velvet-Curse Areous
  19. III. Current Raffle (including specific rules) -------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction / General Info & FAQ II. General Rules III. Current Raffle (including specific rules) IV. Previous Winners V. Reserved -------------------------------------------------------- No current raffle is being held - come back soon!
  20. II. General Rules ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction / General Info & FAQ II. General Rules III. Current Raffle (including specific rules) IV. Previous Winners V. Reserved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Rules Please keep posts in this thread on topic All entries must be submitted via the google forms link that will be posted with each new raffle. Please make sure to fill out everything properly (spelling of your name, correct forum / scroll links, all the necessary questions answered, etc) or your name may not be put into the raffle drawing. I've set up the forms so that you guys can edit your own responses if you made a mistake and didn't realize it until after submitting your form. If anything about the raffle form (or raffle in general) in confusing, PM me. If you made an error on your form and are having trouble editing it post-submission, or if there's a technical issue preventing you from entering, please feel free to PM me so I can enter or edit your information myself. All of the rules listed here and for each raffle event must be followed in order to be eligible to win a prize. No trading / gifting / freezing / abandoning / vamping / neglecting / killing / etc. of a raffle prize unless you’ve spoken with me first.The only trading you don't need to ask me about is if you want to find a genderswap trade for a CB dragon you've won <3 I reserve the right to remove an entry from the drawing pool for any reason, though this is not something I will do lightly. General requirements for participating in any event (unless I state otherwise in the raffle’s specific rules / requirements): ——— You must have a silver or gold trophy Your scroll must be visible when the raffle ends and the winners are picked. If you are not comfortable with having your scroll unhidden during the time it takes me to select the winners, please PM me so I can look at your scroll ahead of time. In order to enter the drawing for a raffle prize, you can't have too many of them already on your scroll. Please see the 'Raffle Prize Scroll Limits' section at the bottom of this post to see what the limit is for various raffle prizes. Anyone who is confused about this should PM me so I can explain it better or in more detail. ——— Example #1, CB silver: you need to have five or fewer CB silvers on your scroll. Other generations (2G silvers, 10th gen silvers, etc) don't matter what-so-ever. Example #2, 2G from a spriter's alt: you need to have five or fewer 2Gs from any spriter's alt. Higher gens don't matter what-so-ever. I always check the winner’s scrolls to make sure this rule has been followed before sending out any PMs or announcing the winners, and anyone found to be breaking this rule will be removed from ALL of the raffles they’re entered in and given a warning. I know that sometimes players might forget or miscount or have some other honest reason for the mistake. However, if I feel like anyone has deliberately tried to slip past any of these rules then there will be no warnings. They will be permanently blacklisted from any raffle, lotto, contest, or gift exchange that I’m directly involved in running. Raffle Prize Scroll Limits Please check here for the specific scroll limits that apply, if any at all, to the current and potential raffle prizes RAFFLE PRIZE - LIMITCBs (any caveborn dragon) - must have five or fewer CBs of the breed being raffled offClarification: for CB Green / Red / Brown Coppers and CB Almandine / Spessartine Pyralspites, the five dragon limit applies to whichever sprite variation is being raffled off.NDs - must have five or fewer neglected dragons on your scroll; count both frozen and adult2G Prizes - 1) you need to have joined DC more than two years ago and 2) must have zero 2G prizes on your scroll; always count both tinsels and shimmers, do not count deadlines.3G Prizes - must have five or fewer low gen (2G - 3G) prizes; count both tinsels and shimmers, count only staircase or spiral lineages, do not count deadlinesAlt Black - must have five or fewer alt blacks with a nice lineage...only count alt blacks that are 2G, PB, or perfect checkersAlt Vine - must have five or fewer alt vines with a nice lineage...only count alt vines that are 2G, PB, or perfect checkers2Gs from spriter’s alts, thuweds, and CB prize fails - must have five or fewer 2Gs of whatever lineage is being raffled offClarification: for example, to enter a 2G thuwed raffle you must have five or fewer 2G thuweds. To enter a 2G prizefail raffle, you must have five or fewer 2G prizefails.
  21. SHAE’S SUPER RAD RAFFLES These raffles are meant to be a chance for dedicated players to get rares they have trouble getting themselves, and many of the raffles will be targeted specifically towards players who have earned a silver / gold trophy or been around for a certain length of time. These restrictions have upset a few people in the past who couldn’t participate, so please feel free to PM me if you’d like me to explain my reasoning. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction / General Info & FAQ II. General Rules III. Current Raffle (including specific rules)\ IV. Previous Winners V. Reserved ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. General Info & FAQ Basic Info Raffles will be posted randomly whenever I get decent prizes for you guys =P Each raffle event will usually have multiple “raffle baskets” to be won - yay! A large majority of the raffles will be targeted towards dedicated players (usually a silver / gold trophy requirement, or restricted to players who have been around for at least “x” amount of time) who have very few of whatever I’m raffling off. Each raffle will have it’s own set of rules or requirements, which can be found in post #3 of this thread - please read that post completely every time you enter a raffle! Raffles entries are submitted via the google docs form that will be linked when a new raffle is open. Winners are generally chosen by random.org. The list of names for each raffle is inputted into the list randomizer, which will shuffle the list and spit out a completely random list order. Whoever is at the top of the new list is selected as that prize’s winner Winners will be messaged privately with a one way teleport link. PMs are normally sent out within an hour or two of the raffle closing (though please be understanding if, for some reason, I’m unable to do so) and prizes must be picked up within a certain amount What types of prizes will be raffled off?Current list of things that you might see as prizes More Often: 3G Prizes CB Silvers CB Xenowyrms CB Spessartines CB Red (Rainbow) Coppers 2G metals or 3G / 4G metal checkers Nicely lineaged black / vine / undine alts Less Often: NDs CB Trios 2G Prizes Unbreedables New Releases CB Almandines CB Green Coppers Hollies (during Christmas breeding) 2Gs from spriter’s alts, thuweds, and CB prize fails How long are the raffles open for?This will vary based on different factors, like how much time some of the prizes have and what I have going on in real life. Some raffles might stay open for 24 to 48 hours, but most will only be open for six to twelve hours...some might be even shorter if I have something that grows up soon! I will always announce how long a raffle is open for when I post it Do I have to pick just one ‘raffle basket’ to put my name in the drawing for? I can’t decide!That’s okay, you don’t have to! I If you meet the requirements for every single one of the prizes in an event, you’re more than welcome to put your name in for all of them if you want to. Right now I remove a player’s name from any other prize baskets they signed up for once they get selected as a winner, but I’m considering removing that rule. What if I’m really close to being able to enter one of your raffles? Will you make an exception?Approval (or not) will be on a case by case decision. If I require participants to have a gold trophy (500 dragons on their scroll) and you have 492, that’s close enough to let slide as long as I can see that you’re still actively collecting dragons. If there are too many issues caused by trying to give players some wiggle room, however, I’ll have to stop doing it.
  22. Hatched a 2G PB alt vine aaaand a 3EG alt black checker!!! I also traded for a 2G bronze tinsel, but she's hidden I guess this means I'll be doing another raffle very soon
  23. Oops, apparently I turned off my scroll name on the dragon's pages *headdesk* those are my babies, so glad they found good homes!!