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  1. Everyone's doing a tally now eh? Alrighty then... 1 pumpkin 4 shadow 1 bronze tinsel I wasn't too interested in grabbing this year, maybe next year when I have a bronze/silver trophy will I take more time to grab cooler stuff.
  2. Huh? You mean my scroll link in my sig? I just added it to my signature, ^^ Sweet! I got lucky this time around! Go five-min drop success!
  3. Dang it, I saw one of the new eggs in the 5min drop and boom, it was taken before I could snag it... x_x
  4. Um, gpx is a pokemon /fan/ site that does not gain any money from hosting their website. If DC was to all of a sudden add dragondex material to the shop, they probably would get sued. You can't sell something you don't own the copyrights on.
  5. Dang, I'll be trying to catch my last egg on the next hourly drop as trying to even /see/ the five minute drop ones is impossible... even though my comp was refreshing every second, I didn't even see one egg.
  6. I got three, ^^ I'm pretty syched about it, ^^
  7. I got one! ^^ Out of five (four adults, one hatchie), I only managed to turn one of the adults, but hey, I got one, ^^
  8. Spoiler alert! To get the chicken... you have to go all the way back through the mansion to wear you calmed the spirit, and then you go back to your 'dragons' page, click to go back, and then click 'stay on the main trail' it worked for me when I didn't see the chicken right away.
  9. I kind of like this idea. I'd liked to have been brought immediately to the account page, but then again if my sister hadn't explained a lot of the things to me I probably wouldn't have understood it completely. Maybe the first time you go to the accounts page you have a slight FAQ about what everything is?
  10. I really like this idea, it wouldn't necessarily be easier to get them to adulthood but at least I could then use all of my slots instead of only eight of them with the four eggs I'm able to have and the four hatchlings I normally end up with at the same time. I don't have any red dragons yet so I can't use incubate in order to hatch my eggs faster, I have to wait three days or so for them to hatch and then another three days or so for them to mature.
  11. Thanks a ton for the update! I got on the forums to check my mail and wondered why I couldn't access a trade. (Of course my sis had to tell me all about it... ) I can wait for it to get back on, suppose that means I won't be distracted from my homework.