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  1. Murdered by a fed dragon knight in dota 2 >.>.
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    has anyone ever met the good counterpart of the grox? i think their name is xorg, they are blue cyborgs n have very good relationships. i tried to find them, but, well... it's pretty damn difficult . i've also tried to befriend the grox: got to 70 in relationships! and they are still yellow face and shoot me when i get near -.-. those ****ers, anyone that has managed to do it could give me advice?(i want the "dance with the devil" achievement sooo much). i think that an all green evolution planet is needed: you get a relationship boost by doing that. anyone would like to share his/her creatures? i am starting to get a bit bored, lol, i know all the maxis creations almost by heart... and @Puppylikestosti: i am not sure that you can reach the galaxy core without some kind of expansion/cheat, i tried to get near the centre using a level 5 spaceship engine, bought loads of medpacks and energy reserve: i moved in a circle around the centre 20 times n visited all the systems because my range was too short, then i ran out of energy and got destroyed (maybe i haven't done it properly and skipped the right planet :/). and, yes, you have a limit in freedom mode too.
  3. I use draghtach, valley sherwood n dragoncave focus, n the views are always enough to make my eggs hatch asap
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    Here's advice (probably you do not need it, but well, maybe it could be useful for newbies). I usually start this strategy: you must get the space abilities that lower the prices of colonizing tools (i do not have the english version so i may make somo mistakes), i think that the better strategy is: first stage: omnivorous, creature stage: boohya destroy everything n be bad (i know, it is painful to kill cute creatures, but it must be done, make friends only with empowered creatures (dunno the english name) that have 250 hp, with this you get a spaceship health boost, tribal stage: stay in the middle, civilization stage: buy other cities (start with a super speedy vehicle to hoard geysers, n then use high commercial power vehicles to maximize profits and speed up trades (alternate them: high speed during travels n high commercial power straight before getting to the cities). Space stage: hoard violet geysers before other empires are born (this is were the sale on colonizing items is needed) Use all types of support on these planets (ultra defensive turrets, environment savers, (as soin as you can buy them). make alliances with everyone n (yeah i know it is a bit nasty) when you get the big lazar, start wars with empires that have violet geysers: they guarantee high profit in a short timespan. Leave only empires that do not start wars with each other to trade with (warstarting empires are a pain in the ass). (Sorry if you didn't want advice, and... yeah , it's a very opportunist strategy.
  5. Support : i'd really love to see this implemented.
  6. Grabbed 2 of both species (one of the golds out of the hourly drop, they are definitely harder to get than moonlights, but not impossible v.v), it seems that my pc has finally started to cooperate . the blue hatchlings are beautiful, but i love the golds too v.v. too bad i can only influence one male >.<: i think i gotta grab some more pinks. thanks TJ n spriters for the cool new release .
  7. Total support: to me it is pointless to wait a whole week just because they hate each other, n this is particularly annoying with partners that you had a hard time catching.
  8. I wanted to say something cool, but i'll just post some random words like this v.v. oh, i win.
  9. Well, if i had an unlimited lifespan, i'd definitely visit the world in wich is set the neverending story, as everything mentioned in the posts above exists there too.
  10. Well, if i remember correctly, lythiaren said that she would ask TJ the permission to post the sketches (i think it was in one of the first posts, but i'm not sure), so before saying anything i'd wait for those, as they may be even better than the old ones ( that are just a copy paste of a red hatchie, but with vines). I'd love to see them differentiated, but i can understand users that have been on dragcave for a longer time and would rather have them stay as they are v.v
  11. I do not think that would be right for possible future users, it was a big let down for me to not be able to grab old pinks, and many users have already expressed against the discontinuing of the sprites. i can see your point of view if you are afraid that it could ruin your lineage, but the sprites will be changed heavily only for the females n you could still keep the males almost unchanged.
  12. flitzthesoulreaper died because i killed her after seeing her post.
  13. Zovesta died because flitzthesoulreaper killed her with a toothpick
  14. I completely agree with you: everyone has the right to express themselves, and the poll's purpose is excatly that, with it you can see what everyone's thoughts are. i think that verridith didn't mean to step over the minority, but it's a matter of fact that we are in a democracy (at least in the poll), so everyone can agree or disagree with the topic, but in the end majority wins ( n in this case both the majority n the artist want it) i support the update of the vines n i'd love to see them improved, but i respect the opinion of people which do not want it.
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    Squiby anyone?

    Here they are , one of them is in my sig too (they are quite a lot ):
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    Swipe A Dragon!

    *steals any discontinued dragon sprite + CB holidays*