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  1. *Late* It's so CUUUUUUUUTE! Sorry I didn't see it earlier, been suuuuuuuuuuuper busy with real-life and all this summer. :l
  2. Baaaaad Kittygrl. You can't forget Skillet./shot.
  3. Definitely Owl City and Skillet. :3
  4. There's a black line on the underside of the back of the front wing.....waitwut. Also, it appears that the wing connects to the tail area but the far wing seems to connect to the hip of the dragon. The close front leg looks a bit like a hind leg to me. (Not sure about these ones, super bad with anatomy.) The horn looks good to me; a bit more shading contrast would be good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I got something too, my Grapevine dragon here. Sketch by Nectaris, spritework by yours truly.
  5. Singing? What? *Confused* What happened was that I hit this part where the pavement drops off a couple inches into grass and with my luck hit the pavement of course. BACK ON TOPIC: Working on cutting apart that Sweetling. ^^
  6. Guys, (PieMaster especially) I'm so sorry for taking so long. Between school events and family time I haven't had much time to work on requests. (Plus I fell off my bike yesterday and the handlebar went right into my leg so walking, running, and generally moving have hurt, but that's something else.) I'll get to work on it today, I promise. On a brighter note, I have added Dove's sprites to the collection of allowed dragons! Look at the big list! Special thanks to Socky for permission to use them. <3
  7. I really want to see the adults. GROW UP FASTER.
  8. *Gives bandaid* IT'S OKAY CUDO WE ALL LOVE YOU.
  9. Geez, I missed like three./failed.
  10. If it's something quick I'll just get it done. :{3 EDITZ: Or try to catch a stream. I take requests while streaming.
  11. It's 10:00 pm here and I'm on a 3DS. I MIGHT be able to stream tomorrow afternoon. DC time and my time are the same so maybe around 4:00 or 5:00 pm. That thing is a Starstone, a mix of a Nebula and Moonstone I sprited for Mikki.
  12. Okay Mikki, your request is done. :3 [IMG=https://i.imgur.com/5Loiv.png] [IMG=https://i.imgur.com/ERoug.png]
  14. Yes, I think just having your username at the bottom is enough. I don't really think that you need a badge or anything. You don't even have to know anything about spriting to make a new egg. Just coloring.
  15. Forum name: UmbreWulf Dragon Name: Rosemary Gender: Female Age: 173 Breed of Dragon: Rosebud-Ice Breed description: The Rosebud-Ice, or Frozen Rose dragon was thought to not have existed until one was discovered. The are mainly blue and pink and have strange wings that look like a combination of feathers and scales. They are secretive and sometimes snappish if one gets too near. Description of your dragon: Rosemary is a quiet dragon who keeps to herself. She is fierce and has a cold aura, sometimes frosting the ground around her. The rose on her shoulder has a slight but rich scent. She's a fast flier and does very badly in hot conditions. Talent: She can freeze things with a touch. (Usually not living things unless they are smaller than her and only when she chooses to.) Personality: Keeps to herself and has a sharp tongue, usually lashing out at those that disturb her. She has a fondness for Sylan, but hides it well. She is arrogant and not afraid to brag a little about her achievements. She isn't good company and the air around her is very cold. With or against Sylan: With History: Born far north where it was cold, something strange happened to her egg. It turned blue. Thinking it was dead, the dragontender abandoned it. But she hatched! She was no normal Rosebud. She only had one flower and lacked the beautiful wings and lovely aroma. No one liked her because of her cold aura. Hatchlings never wanted to play with her. She slowly developed a hatred for them and a burning jealousy towards all who were accepted. This is why she joined up with Sylan. Other: Quick, little scribble:
  16. *Twitch* Did someone say CHOCOLATE?! 396.
  17. Everyone loves your epic art, Sharly. :{3
  18. Could I fill out a sheet and join, or is this full? I have a hybrid OC. :{3
  19. I want one! Username: UmbreWulf What you want me to draw: My OC dragon, Rosemary Position: Leaping Emotion: Proud Medium: Digital Extra: Her mane is frozen and the flower isn't one solid color, but varies slightly darker in some places. Ref: <-- Sorry that it is messy. Thank you!
  20. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST ACCEPT US, VAMPRAH?! D}:>/shot. Kidding, kidding. Spriting, spriting, spriting, more spriting. *Dies*
  21. Pie: That clears things up. I'll consider it. Meaning I'll get to it. :{3 MUSTACHES. YES. Please, please, please don't try to give me eggs or stuff. It's free. FREE I SAY.
  22. Pie: There is no way I could pull that off. Head turning, painting, can't happen. X{(
  23. Siblings can be annoying. *Makes fries* Grlfairy: [IMG=https://i.imgur.com/nhPRX.gif] Oh yes, can't forget these.