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  1. How do I ask my Mommy for $25 dollars? /: How do I ask her to go to the movies with my friend? :c I wonder if my brother ordered that hat on eBay?! D: WHAT AM I GONNA DO IF NONE OF THOSE THINGS HAPPEN!?!? x______x;
  2. Paper Romance. Sounds romantic. <3
  3. Black Alt on my first try. c: After trying to find an even generation mate for him. x.x;
  4. /Takes your Leetle Tree. Mine is getting lonely. ]:
  5. I just need to put on his beard and fix his face up a bit. x]
  6. Someone posted their eggs on their Neopets Userlookup. Then they explained DragCave to people.
  7. Inbreeding one of my Shallow Water's with her Dad. Then having to kill the egg later. ):
  8. May I be added on the list? Spreading Pillow love while making everyone else lose. 8D ..
  9. True. They were so yummy! TPBM drinks 48 ounces of water each day.
  10. Banned for making apples frown. They don't taste good when they're frowning. >__<
  11. asoefjn A Seagull Over Eerie Flies Jumping Noses. uirawe