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I collect Tinselfails!Stickley.pngMy Wishlist -- My ScrollSee priority wishlist and collection details in profile.If I trade/gift you something, it is yours to do with as you wish.

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    Ba Sing Se
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    -Priority Wishlist-

    None; currently working on breeding projects

    -Collection Information-

    -- any gen
    -- any perfect lineage

    Frozen Hatchlings:
    -- Spitfires have priority
    -- Other breeds: Swallowtail || Water Walker
    -- Any gen, any lineage (no CB). Messy/inbred gladly accepted.

    -Trading Policy-

    --If I gift/trade you anything, it's yours. Do with it what you like.
    --No need to tell me if you take anything
    (though feel free to do so if you wish).