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  1. I went for it. It got rejected
  2. What time is it? 09:00?! Missed the interview...
  3. Okay here's the picture It's the Crystal dragon I did. This time it has a body. Hmm... now I'm thinking about putting this in the dragon suggestions thread.
  4. Good luck Cudo. Oh am working on a drawing. I'm not gonna say what it is though but I bet you will think its epic. I will be putting it on DeviantArt so keep a look out.
  5. I've heard of a computer animated series called Xcalibur. It has a small dragon in it called Wip.
  6. It is. Just look at this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDtw8jXIyVE...lf=list_related
  7. Nottohijackyourthreadoranythingbut- OH MY GOD THIS GAME. I must have it. I played it on a friend's ps2 years and years ago, could never remember what it was called. You reminded me of it. Birthday's coming up which means SPENDING MONEY WHOO. Time to hit ebay, baby. Wow I'm glad to help you out. I had the same problem I could never remember the name of the game. Then one time I look on youtube and there it was. There are more pictures on my DeviantArt page if you want to have a look.
  8. Got this screen shot from the game Dragon Rage. It's on my DeviantArt page. Do the barrel roll! I might draw a picture with him doing the barrel roll but I don't know how it will turn out.
  9. 33/42 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything.
  10. Hay Cudo it took me almost all day to do this What do you think?
  11. Got my first egg Time to get some more.
  12. Cannot wait for the next stream Cudo.
  13. Hm if there's a badge involved I guess I could have a little go at it.
  14. I'm not that interested in this new site. It could be an April fools joke but I doubt that TJ would do that because a lot of people would be angry if it was.
  15. I don't think I'll join. Too much stuff on school and I don't think I could understand it anyway. Good luck to the people that enter though.
  16. Cannot wait to see another stream again. Oh check this out... It's on my DeviantArt page.