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  1. Missed it BTW what program do you use for drawing? I can't find Gimp 2.6 anywhere. And Gimp 2.8 is just confusing.
  2. Good news: my PC is fixed. It won't crash now (I hope). Bad news: everything that was saved on my PC was removed. Including all of my saved drawings
  3. When are you streaming again Cudo?
  4. When will your next stream be?
  5. My mum reads a lot of books and they have all sorts of names that don't really match the story. But names like that helps make the story more mysterious. I like the name "The Crow's Knife". Like it?
  6. Happy (late) birthday DragCave!
  7. I don't know but i think I'll be asleep then
  8. Oh man I didn't get to see any of it
  9. Here's the picture of the hatchling of the Crystal dragon http://dragongirl408.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4y7u3e
  10. Oh hi. I'm gonna eat your face now.
  11. Hay Cudo do you dare draw the Crystal dragon with its body? http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/111...408-d4x33x8.png