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  1. Username:SwiftBlade8407 Name:Merok Age:5 months Gender:Male Personality:A Hot tempered ,cunning cat.Loves to play games with family,though rages when he loses.Is very intelligent and strong. loves to be the first one to do something.is very risk taking. Appearance:Is black as pitch with a few white marking on his back the look like the planets.has light blue eyes.
  2. ...... *just stares and watches*
  3. I'm on a boat... in my pants Jizz in my pants... in my pants Thats just stupid
  4. right?WRONG.Quit in ugly house htrntty
  5. Seeking RPs Username:SwiftBlade8407 Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.):small group short posts Preferred Genre:sci-fi/fantasy Other:nothing in particular just maybe a group of 5 people