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    designing graphics, reading, playing mmorpgs, listening to music, and discovering new things

    NOTE: I can be very inactive at times - if I don't reply to a PM it's usually because I'm thinking it over or after a few weeks have passed it's safe to say that I am inactive.

    2nd Gen Striped from Aiblhe (T9saq) for Selvagion

    My Wishlist - Easier to Harder to Obtain:
    Daydreams - White - Pink - Red - Striped
    Dino - Chicken
    Silver - Gold - Trio

    Things Concerning Dragon Gifting/Breeding
    - If an egg/hatchling has a pretty lineage I can work with, a visually appealing lineage to keep, or just plain cave born 75% of the time I'll be happy to accept it. If I'm not scroll-locked, or concentrating on something/an activity in particular I need all of my eggs slots open for (or filled, depending). I'll be happy to do my best to fulfill whatever I might need to fulfill for the lineage to continue its pattern.

    - Feel free to ask for me to breed one of my dragons for you, I'd be happy to. I am not a breeding service though, so there are limits to what I will agree to. :)

    - I do my best to reply to PMs as soon as possible, but there are times when real life gets in the way, or I get in a funk, etc. Please be patient with me at these times.