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tabitahsig.pngDoubleGoldstar5.gif I accept IOU's, just PM meI lost my trade list so if I own you something please PM me

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    I lost all my trade dates, so if you read this and I own you something, please contact me.

    I have a good memory and hopefully didn't forget anybody but maybe the spots have changed a bit, sorry for that!

    Ok I will also add a wishlist:

    - spriters alt lineages
    - 2nd gen thuweds
    - I love val 09's in any combinations (especially checkers)
    - my favorite dragons are swallowtails but I am not hoarding them, I love 2nd gen metallics or nice checkers off them
    - I have a weakness for tinsels :)

    Always like nice lineages or checker, my favorite at the present:


    (*hugging Miaou for that great work, her patience and creativity* she really does spoil my eyes)


    I like to help here in DC, so if I can breed you anything, just let me know!

    Just PM me and tell me what you need :-)

    Tinsels up for trading (only 2-4 gens)
    1. Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing x terrae 4gen
    2. Army x female Hellfire 4gen
    3. Cielathal x shadow walker 3gen
    4. Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x female swallowtail 4gen
    5. Hypnotizing x Heartseeker 4gen
    6. Galletian Victory x female moonstone 4gen
    7. (Aht6) x female Sunsong 4gen
    8. Darkrose x White 4gen (spiral)
    9. (light) x wine 3rd gen
    10. Galletian Victory x red 4gen (spiral)
    11. Cyvyn x red nebula 4gen
    12. Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr x Neotropical 4gen
    13. Bronce Ivy x Stripe 3rd gen
    14. Army x Blusang 4gen
    15. Daymajet x Pink 4gen
    16. Cavyn x Silver 3rd gen
    17. Crouching Tiger x Horse 4gen
    18. Crouching Tiger x Stone 4gen
    19. Darkrose x Summer 3rd gen
    20. Se 7 en x Water 3rd gen
    21. Brazen Zalvaris CB x female green copper 3rd gen
    22. Joyous Gift x red dorsal 4gen
    23. Daymajet x GW 4gen
    24. Glory x Mint 4gen
    25. Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing x taned Ridgewing 4gen
    26. Hypnotising x Red copper 4gen
    27. Alcoholic x Grave 4gen (spiral)
    28. Glory x Grave 4gen (spiral)
    29. Army x Sunrise 4gen
    30. Farianta Li Calm I x Ice 3rd gen (2014 line)
    31. Trydydd Besst x Soliste 4gen (2014 line)
    32. Aquarius the Wind x Harvest (2014 line)
    33. Beauxriens x Sunrise 4gen (2014 line)
    34. Gallatian Victory x Brown Copper 2nd gen
    35. Dalke x GW 4gen (2014 line)
    36. Farianta Li Calm I x purple 3rd gen (2014 line)
    37. Bronze Age Gold x soliste 4rd gen (2014 line)

    ...to be continued ;)