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  1. Merry x-mas to all of you and the team that makes this great site running! <3
  2. I have also the iMac/Safari combo and cannot take part at the event. *sad*
  3. No, that`s not a bug. We all have this 2010 Halloween batch and it includes also treats from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and now 2015.
  4. I'm so excited for the beautiful silvers! Though I'm a bit tired as it is right now 1:47 am here in Germany.
  5. Thanks a lot for the beautiful new release!<3
  6. Beautiful new eggs! Thanks a lot for the new release!
  7. I love the colors of the new eggs! THANK YOUU!!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dragon Cave, for nine wonderful and happy years!<3
  9. It`s not easy to get an egg, that makes you not clearly thinking. The new eggs are awesome! Thank you so much!
  10. I have also 24 items so far. I really liked the dangerous adventure!
  11. Hooray for the new September release!
  12. I was also really surprised, when I woke up today and then saw that all my new eggs turned into green hatchlings. No yellow ones. Maybe we can get yellow alts, when we breed the green dragons.
  13. I`m wondering, why the "Breed Limit"-page for the Legendary Dragon still still shows "2" and not "3" now. I looked at HELP/ USING THE SITE/ BREED LIMITS and there I can see: Breed = Legendary Dragon Limit = 2 Your status = 2 Is it even possible to get a third one, when my limit is still 2? I tried to summon a third GoN-dragon, but failed. Thank you for the new beautiful eggs. I was lucky to get one new blue egg.
  14. Thank you so much for the new beautiful eggs!
  15. Thank you for the new release. The new eggs are really pretty!
  16. The adult Valentine dragon is a beauty!<3
  17. I really love this event. The flowers are so beautiful!<3
  18. Big congrats to the lucky winners!
  19. Wow! The new x-mas dragon is very beautiful!
  20. I like the new Holiday Dragons a lot. Thank you so much, spriters!<3
  21. Can someone with a dragon heart please help me to get one? With my injured arm it`s nearly impossible to get one.
  22. Yaaay! Happy Halloween! *dances*
  23. The new eggs are very beautiful! Thank you to the spriters!