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I will breed my dragons for you! Look in my profile info for my rules, please! I am also up for trade and will take any unwanted eggs or hatchies!My Scroll ( I dare you to click)3Qi3O.gif[/url]scarlet-firesong.pngoneScrollOath.gif2ryq0s9.gifparty0042.gif

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    in the clouds
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    *Reading~Inheritance Cycle, Warrior Series, Hunger Games Trilogy, 2001 a Space Odyssey...that kind of stuff...
    *Writing~Currently in process of writing a book
    *Mythical things~ Of course dragons, for one example.
    *Space~Go on, admit that space is pretty cool

    I take breeding requests! If you have any questions or want to request just PM me and I'll answer any questions. I do have a few simple rules, though.

    1)Please do not request if you are egg/scroll locked

    2)If you name it, you need to tell me what you named it

    3)Please ask if a dragon is one that I am breeding before requesting

    4)Please check to see if I am scroll locked, if I am be prepared for an IOU until I clear up

    5)Expect a whacked up lineage but please check lineage before requesting, if you care about that

    6)Do not be afraid to ask!

    I don't care about lineage but it's preferred if it's pure. I also don't care that much about CB but if it isn't pure, than CB is preferred. Thanks!

    ~Neglected (I can dream can't I?)

    I also except ALTs of anything and any unwanted eggs or hatchies!


    Eggs/hatchies given to me by some of the best people ever!

    ~working on it....