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  1. Are they still dropping? I only need one more. I don't care from where, since I don't have any Coppers to breed and all that. I just want to have an even number lol
  2. After grabbing a Ridgewing egg (Tan at that!) I was able to snag another Silver egg. That makes 3 for me. When I finally get a fourth, I will be done collecting I just need one more Bronze and two more Golds to be complete
  3. I confess, I don't know much about Copper breeding. Until recently, I did the vast majority of my collecting without even venturing onto this Forum. I've been playing for years, but it's become a lot more complicated. On the plus side, I now have 2 silvers
  4. I'm curious..is there a reason people want them from particular biomes? :/
  5. Snagged one pretty easily, hope the rest of my eggs hatch before the next drop. I LOVE these dragons!
  6. I have loved this release, even with it's length. It's made it easier for me to collect the few I had planned on, as well as some other eggs that were overlooked by others. The sprites are gorgeous, and to have 4 of them is awesome
  7. I have decided that once I am no longer egg locked, I am going to breed a troop of reds. Waiting for hatchlings makes me feel so impatient!!
  8. I love the new dragons, even though I only just have the gold looking hatchlings so far, and a couple of bronze eggs. Gorgeous!
  9. Thank you both for the quick replies, I'm off to hunt now
  10. I'm just finding out about the release, due to a wedding and work picnic taking the last 2 days from me...are they still dropping, and in which biome(s)? They're quite lovely!
  11. I hope they're rare, just because I always miss out on the rares, and I didn't miss out this time (if they are) LOL Happy either way, because the eggs are lovely, and the hatchies are cute so far.
  12. Egg locked, got eggs from both Alpine and Forest, so I'm good either way. Happy I could get in on a release the first day, it's my first time
  13. Finally got me some, 5 so far!
  14. Haven't managed a snag yet, but I"m ready!
  15. I got mine over several hours, but on the 5 minute drops mostly. It's frustrating, but it does happen
  16. I bet it's close to the same technique I just used to scroll lock myself with 4 of the new eggs I have 2 other eggs, but since one is a male influenced pink egg, and the other is a flamingo (and I don't have one yet) I can't drop them. I'm content with my 4 though.
  17. And now I have two. I'm hoping to get more, but I'm more relaxed about it now. Really I need to breed me some more pinks and influence for male
  18. Took forever but I finally got one
  19. I'm also only sending out random Valentines, as I don't know anyone on here. Have received a massive...2.
  20. Ohmai! First time I've ever been around for a new eggie, and I got both!!