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  1. I want dozens I now have two pair of each, I just need to think out what breeding plans I should make. I wonder what Dustbutts look like with Mutamores... :/
  2. Im disappointed, but I'll live. I had hoped one of them would be a true rare :/
  3. This attitude annoys me. Who decides what is too much? And why is it only 'annoying' people who ask 'too much'? I mean, seriously, how dare anyone try to get something they might not have, by offering something they do have, right? There is always going to be greed on games like this. But not everyone asking a high price is greedy. If I had a spare pair, you bet I'd be asking for cb metallics.
  4. Both are super gorgeous!!! I love the opera singer pose of the Sapphires. Still gonna call the Antareans Dustbutts though. Especially since I named my pair The Divine Dustbutt and The Holy Dustbutt
  5. And now I can't find where I saw them called that! Unless I misread something else (which is t unlikely) As for names, I now have Dustbutt Treefell and Dustbunny Treefell
  6. I haven't seen any Dustbutts or Redheads since grabbing mine. I, personally, hope they're rare. If not ultra-rare. It would be the very first time I got something like that since grabbing my one Gold several years ago
  7. I haven't seen any of the new eggs since Day 1...though I was locked until a moment ago, I've still looked. I was hoping to possibly, maybe, snag another one. :/
  8. Bummer lol....I'm exceedingly impatient for growing pixels
  9. Arrgh, 3 hours until mine hatch, and I still haven't seen a grown one. Hurry up and grow, little ones!!! If anyone has a grown one they'd like to PM me a link to, I'd sincerely appreciate it. I don't care for surprises
  10. I'm just...in the mood for cute. I've been shuffling through the completed threads, and wow...so much to look at, and a lot of just adorable there. I'd love to see something just...sweet. You can brick me now.
  11. I'd love to see some pastels, true pastels. And iridescence!
  12. I've seen people calling the oranges 'dustbutts' LOL!!! I love it! I can't wait to see what either one turns into, and I'm just glad I was able to snag my pairs.
  13. I personally hope they ARE rare, as that would mean that for once, I have a pair of rares. Been playing since 2009, and still don't have a CB Silver, and only one CB Gold. It would be nice to have something I could potentially use as trade fodder for things I don't have or don't have enough of
  14. I think it's sad that nobody thinks of the people who MAYBE don't otherwise have anything to trade for such rares as NDs and 2G prizes. Maybe, just maybe, they're trying to get something they'll never have any other way. I personally won't try to trade mine, but if I did, I WOULD try for rares for them. I don't have the ability to snag, say, CB Gold or Silver, cause I'm never fast enough on a cell phone (my only online means) nor do I know how to get a ND, or have anything to trade for 2G prizes. So...is it greedy to try to trade something I HAVE for something I WANT? Not at all. It's a s
  15. I'd love a PM bout this as well. Im not big on surprises
  16. I got a pair of each very easily. I was very surprised! This is the first drop I've been able to get what I wanted quickly.
  17. I can't wait to make this a true checker. I already have an IOU in place to further the lineage. GW x Mutamore: http://dragcave.net/lineage/nUEGN
  18. Well said! I agree, the adults are awesome and the event fun, thanks guys! Re: BSA, I am SO hopeful for one for these guys.
  19. *whines* Grow already little pretties, I wanna see adults! 😖
  20. For the first time ever, I'm at 21/21 growing things I also have 15 items, so I think I have them all. Happy day!
  21. I'd like to join. Scroll is sorted by breed; all eligible dragons will have names starting with Stormwind.
  22. .....considering both of mine are named for the guardian spirit in Princess Mononoke, this is PERFECT! Forest Spirit Treefell and Forest Guardian Treefell will look awesome as two sides of the same coin! I'll have to enrage Guardian. Can't wait to make lineages!!
  23. I can't wait for mine to grow...seriously love all the floofiness, goodness that had to be hard to pixel!!
  24. Goodness, my fave dragon ever!! I love the adult pose, looks like he's romping about and having fun
  25. I can't wait to see this year's Holiday dragon...I kinda hope it's Eastern <3