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  1. <5 minutes to go...Random paranoia check :3
  2. Thank you for the egg sequence. Unfortunately my screen is too small to see it properly. And kitty just went into labor. I'm off until she's done and I know she's ok πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Do you have a way for me to see this sequence? I haven't seen it yet
  4. For the people thinking the eggs will disappear: think about it. Then rethink it. Has TJ ever played a cruel prank? Sure, he replaced sprites with carrots and turned some into dinosaurs, but that was temporary and fun. Has there ever been a time when eggs were totally removed (not including glitches)? That doesn't strike me as the type of prank TJ would play. He's provided a fun game and has tried to ensure most players are happy with it. Removing eggs that people have abandoned for, influenced, etc wouldn't be a prank. That would be mean.
  5. Yif there aren't any off topic threads for it, I'll ask a MOD if I can make one, and post pics On topic: I managed to lock myself with 4 new eggies, 2 vamp-misclicks, and a Magma. I pretty happy with that
  6. Trust me, she's very well cared for. She's been lying next to me this entire time. She's not delivering yet; I'm just waiting because she's been acting extremely affectionately, and trying to search out nest sites. I've prepared her a cozy den-kennel, but she wants to be near me
  7. Between egg stalking and watching for my cat to give birth, I'm getting pretty anxious. πŸ˜–
  8. Agreed. I hope they are rare, as I've wished for every breed I've managed to catch I'm still trying to get some of the breeds, and trading fodder is always welcome
  9. I have finally managed to be able to grab two, but now they're moving so quickly I doubt I'll get any more. I'm just grateful I was able to get two of them!
  10. Maybe this years April fools joke is… That there isn't one. The joke would be everyone waiting for the punchline LOL
  11. Can't breed or release like other dragons. BSA breeding similar to Bite? Or future ones have to be Summoned?
  12. Oh, I'm definitely going to keep on trying. I'm just dealing with a whole lot of lag on my dinosaur of an iPhone LOL EDIT: and directly after posting this I actually snag one. Teach me to complain LOL!
  13. It's looking like this is going to be my time to miss out on a new release. I'm just now finding out about it, and I just haven't seen one yet
  14. 42 so far; by far the most I've ever managed to find. Great designs!
  15. I'm unfortunately unable to do mock ups on my phone, but I'm starting my first named lineage project. I'm going to call it the Dustbutt Lineage Project, and it will be descendents from Holy Dustbutt and her Moonstone mate (first try was a refusal, so not sure who he's going to be yet). Female Antareans with Male Moonstones are going to be so gorgeous! I've seen some real beauties here, can't wait to see them come to fruition!
  16. I'm also betting Cave Blocker common. I was SO hopeful one of these would turn out to be a true rare, because that would mean I had finally gathered something I could breed for trades. I only have one true rare on my scroll, and my only net access is an iPhone 4s dinosaur....so trading is about my only means of getting some of the breeds. However, this is the most sure fire way of pleasing the majority. Everyone will have the pairs they need
  17. I want dozens I now have two pair of each, I just need to think out what breeding plans I should make. I wonder what Dustbutts look like with Mutamores... :/
  18. Im disappointed, but I'll live. I had hoped one of them would be a true rare :/
  19. This attitude annoys me. Who decides what is too much? And why is it only 'annoying' people who ask 'too much'? I mean, seriously, how dare anyone try to get something they might not have, by offering something they do have, right? There is always going to be greed on games like this. But not everyone asking a high price is greedy. If I had a spare pair, you bet I'd be asking for cb metallics.
  20. Both are super gorgeous!!! I love the opera singer pose of the Sapphires. Still gonna call the Antareans Dustbutts though. Especially since I named my pair The Divine Dustbutt and The Holy Dustbutt
  21. And now I can't find where I saw them called that! Unless I misread something else (which is t unlikely) As for names, I now have Dustbutt Treefell and Dustbunny Treefell
  22. I haven't seen any Dustbutts or Redheads since grabbing mine. I, personally, hope they're rare. If not ultra-rare. It would be the very first time I got something like that since grabbing my one Gold several years ago
  23. I haven't seen any of the new eggs since Day 1...though I was locked until a moment ago, I've still looked. I was hoping to possibly, maybe, snag another one. :/
  24. Bummer lol....I'm exceedingly impatient for growing pixels
  25. Arrgh, 3 hours until mine hatch, and I still haven't seen a grown one. Hurry up and grow, little ones!!! If anyone has a grown one they'd like to PM me a link to, I'd sincerely appreciate it. I don't care for surprises