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  1. Complete opinion here: it might help smooth over a few feathers if we were given a poll of say three entry choices, and the winning design would be awarded 2 per eligible scroll (those already possessing the Valentine dragon) with a retro catch date. With us being given a say in something, it might diffuse this sitch some. Plus, an artist or artists would receive Alts. I love seeing Alts.
  2. Though I've been here for a long time, I think I was away when the Great Fog happened, so no, I don't know of it. I do remember when the Frills were retired, but I wasn't on the forums much then, so I remember it in that way (but I do know the lore, now) However, how can any positive changes ever be made if everyone sinks back in fear, never stating what they dislike because some nebulous Bad Thing will happen because we dared to oppose...something? I agree there is a right way and a wrong way to state negativity. But simply holding it inside is NOT the way it should be handled.
  3. Normally I agree with you, but this time I don't. Regardless of the amount of time we had the sprites, it still remains that we dislike this particular change. I don't care that I had my S1 less than a full day; I greatly dislike the new one. I'd rather a change to it to make it more elegant. I know there are reasons, good reasons, valid reasons for the change. How I feel about THIS change isn't impacted by the reasons, given or not. I don't like the new S1 baby. I don't like the harsh colours. That is only highlighted by the fact that I *did* love the original, for the one day I had it.
  4. While I agree with what you are saying 100%, the difference here is human babies can't walk for a very long time, nor support their heads for quite a while. In the animal kingdom, an animal that cannot walk or support a large head either has to be protected by a parent at nearly all times, or will not survive due to predation. As many dragons on here are hinted at being able to walk (explorative types) or left soon after hatching, I still say that the head is overly large.
  5. Quoting myself here, NOT to hurt feelings, but to better highlight what I dislike about the new sprites in the hopes that since I'm not alone in this, maybe we can sway some change by being more clear. What I LOVED about the original baby sprites was that the horns were big, yet slender and elegant. The pose looked like a bounding deer, tail flagged like a whitetail in flight. The rear feet were dainty hooves. The overall design was light, airy, sleek and extremely elegant. What I greatly dislike about the new babies is the head seems over large, large enough to tip it's balance forward. The lines are harsh and pixelated, and the colours far too saturated. The light blue eye seems more pasted on than an actual eye. The feet are feet, not hooves, and are so small on the overall larger baby that it doesn't seem capable of supporting any weight, let alone the weight of a dragon. And..no antlers? This is for the S1 New baby, as I've not seen the S2 yet. As for the Adults, they're pretty, but to me the neck seems too long and meaty, which makes the smaller rump look like something was chopped off. The tail is cute, believe me, but doesn't seem in keeping with the look of the head. There are antlers, but they're tiny in comparison to what was being hinted at with the original baby sprite. Overall, I *like* the adults, but I don't love them, and I greatly dislike the S1 hatchling now. I saw dainty. I want dainty. They're far from dainty. Many sadness here. EDIT: Saw S2, looks familiar, love the pose. Still not keen on the colours, or the horns, but the S2 does look quite nice.
  6. This is one very rare time I'm going to go all out. Probably going to hurt feelings, and for that I apologize, but my feelings are valid, too. I named my babies, before the change, Trippy Fuzzbutt and Limpy Fuzzbutt. The elegant, streamlined, very graceful look of the baby made me squeal with joy, and I love giving humorous names to my best breeder lines. This change, though. I'm sad to say I find it quite ugly. The pose makes me think that poor lump is going to fall over with its too big head, and the feet look too small to support its size. The colours are harsh compared to the streamlined original, and looks very pixel-y. The blue eye just seems dotted there. I'm sorry if this hurts feelings, but this is my honest opinion... I don't like it, and unless the Adult is far and away better, I probably won't be breeding them. EDIT: Just saw TJs adult. Pretty, but not exactly what I was hoping for. It's... Inelegant, to me.
  7. I'm seeing them, too. Took 3, incubated, and gonna freeze them.
  8. Ugh wish my AP eggs would hatch already, I have some freezing to do, and more AP hunting lol New purple draggies are lovely, very deer like.
  9. I'm still in the nest, can someone tell me what to do with the instruments before I move on?
  10. Still egg locked with mostly non Valentine eggs... Hatch already!! LOL I can't wait to breed mine, no real plans though... Yet lol
  11. Misgendered Brute for someone with a sense of humor. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. Because I hope someone will love this seasonal, shiny lineaged pretty, I have the eggie on two-way trade...just offer a dummy Changing Seasons is in my blood
  13. Oh look! A marble! Marble, marble, who got the marble...? Ooh, another marble! Such shiny! Much pretty!
  14. I took the first one, that code just drew my attention. Thank you so much!
  15. Tan Ridgewing Tan Ridgewing vs. Arsani
  16. Thank you for this baby, I'll freeze it with love
  17. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Just a pretty little checker.