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  1. Are the Pygmies dropping anywhere other than Forest?
  2. First time I've ever been present for a non-Holiday release, sweet! Now to just...nab one? LOL Edit: WOO HOO! 4 Purple and 3 Pygmy! Happy me <3
  3. Do these guys breed true, as in, could I theoretically get upside down Mints by breeding my new guy to another Mint/Upside Down Mint..? This is my first time participating in the April 1st Mint game.
  4. Have: 2G Soulstone from Gold Want: Offers Have: 2G Floral Crown from GON Want: Bloodswap
  5. I'm absurdly happy. I got one of the new dragons, and it's code says E Box. If that doesn't say online gift, nothing does 😂🎁
  6. I am so super happy, I've been able to get all the past Christmas Dragons I've missed except Garland. I'm ok with 'losing out' on the one if that happens ❤️ Plus I just bred a Holiday 2009 with a Gold, and got an egg with a cool code that looks like I Pay. I'm sorry, I'm easily amused 😄
  7. Ohh, I'm sorry, I should have specified that it's from the Holiday cave, but still I assume the answer stands lol. Thank you for answering Syiren
  8. If I have a Solstice Dragon that grows up before the breeding times stop, could it be used this breeding cycle? I'm thinking it's still a no, but I'm hopeful since it's not the new breed...
  9. WOW. And I mean WOW. I can say with certainty that these are hands down my favourite dragon. Delightful use of bright colours and a nice bold stance. So much love!
  10. This is my first time being growth locked LOL...I have 3 eggs. That's it. But 24 growing creatures ❤️ I'm happy!
  11. I got one with code ending with Mybd. Makes me think "My bad", so maybe mine will be a clumsy spud 😂
  12. I still don't have an Omen, bred or otherwise. I'm trying to trade for them now 😕
  13. I agree with the idea of having a more purely aggressive/evil dragon. We have tons of sweetness and light dragons, but really (seriously asking here) are there any that aren't in some way modifiable (as in, friendly under the right circumstances/to their caregiver/on certain holidays or some such) ? I'd like a purely malevolent dragon that maybe hibernates the entire year except X holiday.
  14. I'm extremely late to this party, but I had no problems getting 4 of each of them ^w^ Very nice adults, I can see myself collecting the Ash dragons for sure. I really like the Boreals as well <3
  15. are we entirely sure on the incubation point? As in, could we incubate it, and hatch it on say one day left, and potentially get a blue/purple?
  16. Ahhh, thank you for the explanation! If this is the mechanic, I should have a...somewhat...easy time getting the other colours. I'm extremely patient when I need to be ❤️
  17. But what do you mean by "Natural Hatch"? I understand the Green are Incubated, but after that..?
  18. I've seen cats push off that same way, the Pyrovar may look awkward, but the pose is entirely valid.
  19. Hmmmm, slick, oily feeling hide...wonder if the Lumin dergs will like them? ^u^
  20. Exactly, that's what I'm seeing. I just wondered if I was the only one.
  21. Is anyone else seeing nothing but eggs on their scroll..?
  22. One of TJs babies has gendered, looking good! I've snagged 5 of the blue eggs, now I just need to get more of the brown. I have 2 of them. Weird glitch there, but I'm glad I was around for it
  23. Yeah, it was the slimy egg...can't remember the breed, sorry
  24. I hope we get some extra time out of this, I saw a regular egg in the Coast.