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  1. I have to disagree with you just a bit. While pointing out differences can certainly cause racism, it isn't the entire reason. You are fortunate that your children didn't notice a difference, or seemed not to anyway. Neither of my children attended preschool, and so was not acquainted with other peoples as much as they might have otherwise been, so when my eldest son started kindergarten, he was telling me a story about "the dark man", a man who was I found out later a substitute teacher. He genuinely liked this gentleman, but when he explained that he was greeting the man by calling "hey dark man", I was mortified. I had to explain that saying that it might be offensive. Then I had to explain what offensive meant, then I had to explain why it could be offensive. So, to keep my son from being seen as racist (or being raised by racists) I had to teach him to be overly cautious about choosing his words. Additionally, I once overheard two ladies mocking a white mother for not knowing how to care for her biracial child's hair. I was curious to learn, because my youngest son was dating a black girl, and I didn't want to be in the same ignorant position. They seemed to get angry over my curiosity...but how am I supposed to learn how to properly care for my potential future grand babies..? Instead of denying differences, we should be teaching our children to celebrate and understand our differences. That being different isn't wrong! It would certainly be a boring world if we all came from the same mold!
  2. Very similar circumstances! I had just finished reading The Black Gryphon by Mercedes Lackey, which is still my second favourite book. I was new online, looking for a name to call myself, when I realized that one of the main characters was 'painted' (dyed feathers), and voila, instant screen name. That was near 18 years ago ^u^ Still a fan, and I've never been tempted to change it either. I agree with Sunrunner, Stronghold is a wonderful book (the only one I've managed to get ahold of). I want to read the rest. I'd like to add to the list The Mage Wars trilogy (The Black Gryphon, The White Gryphon, and The Silver Gryphon) as well as any of the Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. Wonderful fantasy reads <3
  3. Are the 24 hour eggs still dropping..?
  4. Late as usual lol. I have two of the three, missing, of course, the blue. Lovely dragons!
  5. Normally, we get in cave releases only. I'm really glad this is a set of eggs I can actually get. I was able to trade for the dergs I needed from the last release because of these <3
  6. Was able to breed 6 eggies with only one fail and one refusal. Now let's hope I can trade them. Still catching up on the last release
  7. ALL the new dragons are gorgeous I'm glad we finally got a new Summoned Dragon, now I just need to get Pink Yellow and Red to complete my first set You Spriters rock!
  8. THANK YOU, I hadn't seen that page <3
  9. ...managed to Egglock myself with a Bleeding Moon whose code starts with 8D ...its laughing at my pain. Wah. lol
  10. I'm really late to the party, but Ive managed 2 from the Desert.
  11. Turned out regular: Claim my eggs/hatchlings! | Claim my eggs/hatchlings! | Claim my eggs/hatchlings! | Claim my eggs/hatchlings! - All gone, thanks and enjoy!
  12. Oh my, that is indeed a very special lineage...I will treasure it! Thank you!
  13. This egg is decended from royalty! My Pedigree A fine Princess (or Prince?) Please offer a dummy. I'm hoping this baby will go to someone who will appreciate the prettiness of the line
  14. Sense of humor? This egg is for you. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Would be nice to know who gets it!
  15. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Messy AP Valentine hatchies, great for freezing!
  16. 121 pages makes me thankful Sokomon is posting. Edit: 121 pages on a cell phone. I do not own a computer or laptop; I have a phone and a kindle I won. Hard to read through so many pages this way.
  17. I don't hate the S1 sprite, I just dislike it. And though I'm battling Insomnia, I've never asked for, demanded, or expected an answer on the Why's of the change. I'm reading the drama because its, Yano, drama. I prefer the originals, but I certainly can think of many reasons why it might possibly have been pulled (all entirely speculation) so... I'm keeping my set of V babies, because completion addict, and I kind of like the adults, and also holding out for updates o them.
  18. But I don't like bees. I prefer wasps. So I vote wasps.
  19. I'm awake when I should be asleep. Drama is not beneficial to Insomnia. :/
  20. My first real intro to DC Drama. No luls. No popcorn. Much unhappy.
  21. Thanks. Can't unseen it, either. LOL.
  22. Thank you, I hadn't thought that one through... LOL
  23. Side note: Heartseeker Wall is giving way to New Egg Wall. If you missed out, go grab!