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  1. Unfortunately limited to cell phone for now. I can't enlarge the screen enough. lol it's ok though, I'll enjoy Solstice hunting
  2. I can't read the white text, my screen is too small
  3. I have a question that has probably already been answered, but since I am using a cell phone and it is extremely difficult to search using it, I'm going to ask. According to the picture in my signature, I have 505 dragons. But my trophy has not updated to the gold trophy, and it is still limiting me to six eggs. I do not have The maximum allowed, so I know it's not because I have maximum growing things. Is it possible that the dragons that I killed to make zombies on Halloween have taken up the slots I still need to get the gold trophy? If not, why am I still being limited? Thanks for any help!
  4. sene --> Seasonal : A2wiZ Skitty8 --> Seasonal : 5lla9 I was glomped a while back, nice to be able to pay it forward
  5. This is my first time being almost totally locked myself! I have 14 total slots used I'm not going to hunt any more 2015s though, I feel kinda bad because fast work net speed = luck for me. I'm content with my 6 Now if only I can somehow luck into another Gold, that's this year's objective
  6. I think they'd look awesome with Snow Angels. Someone mentioned Whites, and I agree. I'm still looking through mine for ideas
  7. I think I'm going to start that lineage this year, while finding other mates as well. White would be interesting too😃
  8. Am I the only person who immediately thought these guys would make an awesome lineage with Snow Angels?
  9. My screen is tiny, but it almost looks like a Plague Doctor mask on the egg with some swirls. That would be awesome
  10. Edited because I can't quote a quote it seems
  11. I'm nowhere near the complete set (something like 32 so far, I think?) But I just got Grumpy Cat, and that was the one I was most hoping to get
  12. I just got one by hitting F5, so....it shouldn't be hard? Unless I just got lucky?
  13. I want to say thank you to ALL the breeders, before today, I had no Halloween dragons at all. Now I have several I've wanted for a long time. And such lovely lineages! (and a couple of 2nd gens!)
  14. Wonderful new game, I can't wait to make potions for my dragons. It'll have to wait until I get home though.
  15. Finally got my last Silver. This has been a fun release! Now to keep an eye out for the timing to get a couple of Golds and another Bronze.
  16. Are they still dropping? I only need one more. I don't care from where, since I don't have any Coppers to breed and all that. I just want to have an even number lol
  17. After grabbing a Ridgewing egg (Tan at that!) I was able to snag another Silver egg. That makes 3 for me. When I finally get a fourth, I will be done collecting I just need one more Bronze and two more Golds to be complete
  18. I confess, I don't know much about Copper breeding. Until recently, I did the vast majority of my collecting without even venturing onto this Forum. I've been playing for years, but it's become a lot more complicated. On the plus side, I now have 2 silvers
  19. I'm curious..is there a reason people want them from particular biomes? :/
  20. Snagged one pretty easily, hope the rest of my eggs hatch before the next drop. I LOVE these dragons!
  21. I have loved this release, even with it's length. It's made it easier for me to collect the few I had planned on, as well as some other eggs that were overlooked by others. The sprites are gorgeous, and to have 4 of them is awesome
  22. I have decided that once I am no longer egg locked, I am going to breed a troop of reds. Waiting for hatchlings makes me feel so impatient!!
  23. I love the new dragons, even though I only just have the gold looking hatchlings so far, and a couple of bronze eggs. Gorgeous!