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  1. 34 minutes ago, Suzumiya said:


    How are you guys getting ANY? I can't get a single new egg. Every time I click "This egg is no longer...blahblah". It's getting frustrating. I have a very nice computer and very fast internet. No lag whatsoever. No one else leeching on my router. Nothing. So baffled! 🙄


    I hover my mouse over the first egg I see, then hit F5 and click my mouse a fraction of a second afterwards. Doing this has netted me 2 Pygmies and 4 Shimmer Shells so far. Best of luck!

  2. I...don't understand the complaints I see every release about the difficulty of catching. I mean, if it were easy to capture all the things, none of the things would be as exciting to have. Imagine if everyone had several of all the dragons, there really wouldn't be much need for trading, breeding, etc.... I mean, I get the frustration, I just don't understand wanting everything to be easier.

  3. 1 minute ago, casprrr said:

    Is this a joke? I didn't see any new dragons on the five-minute drop...


    They're not falling into all the biomes and they're going quick. I found mine in Coast, Forest, and Jungle.

  4. 10 minutes ago, Dust said:

    It still can be something like April's Mints. Just joke, hah. Or there no mystic and we all not right and they don't switch biome 

    And "Chill" eggs actually looks like Arcana Dragom from last Halloweens release :D


    Very true, wouldn't that be the best joke? LOL!


    And I can totally brag now, cause I have the most chill "Chill" egg out there. Mine is a jedi... I got the code 0b1  XD

  5. 2 minutes ago, Dust said:

    Don't wanna lie, I can be mistaken, it's drops too fast! Who know, maybe  it will have another sprites? ^^


    I wouldn't guess other sprites, but only because TJ tends to keep an adult and a baby unless there is a different gender pic (can't think of the right word, sorry) and as he currently has 3 eggs each my guess would be adult female, male, and a baby.


    I'm really curious though, cause there probably is a reason, and it's killing me to know what it is XD

  6. 1 minute ago, Dust said:

    Probably  I seen some in Coast 10~15 min ago, it feels like they  switch biome every hour or something 


    Thank you! I wonder what the reasoning is behind the biome swaps? Maybe breeding plans or different breeding mechanics..?

  7. First time I've ever been present for a non-Holiday release, sweet! Now to just...nab one? LOL


    Edit: WOO HOO! 4 Purple and 3 Pygmy! Happy me <3



  8. I am so super happy, I've been able to get all the past Christmas Dragons I've missed except Garland. I'm ok with 'losing out' on the one if that happens ❤️ Plus I just bred a Holiday 2009 with a Gold, and got an egg with a cool code that looks like I Pay.


    I'm sorry, I'm easily amused 😄

  9. I agree with the idea of having a more purely aggressive/evil dragon. We have tons of sweetness and light dragons, but really (seriously asking here) are there any that aren't in some way modifiable (as in, friendly under the right circumstances/to their caregiver/on certain holidays or some such) ? I'd like a purely malevolent dragon that maybe hibernates the entire year except X holiday. 

  10. Just now, *Silver Fox* said:


    Well, I'm guessing the blue are non-incubated eggs when they reach 4 days or lower, and the purple ones are maybe, just MAYBE, hatched from eggs that had under a day or so. Not sure though.


    Ahhh, thank you for the explanation! If this is the mechanic, I should have a...somewhat...easy time getting the other colours. I'm extremely patient when I need to be ❤️