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Prize - 3 IOUs in place

I accept IOUs for most dragons, PM me to discuss any you'd like ❤️

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    -If it has a face, it has a name. Eventually. Naming all dragons in progress, it's a slow process.

    -Dead eggs result from bites or experiments, and only result from CB Commons. I never kill, bite, quake, or neglect gifts/trades.

    -Aegis dragons will not be changed. Spirit will remain peaceful, while Guardian will remain enraged.

    -I will never viewbomb anyone. I will only add my own scroll to view/click sites.

    I breed on request and accept IOUs.

    Current IOUs:

    Lesh4537 - Prize from Snow (Christmas pairing. ND attempts after 15th)
    tjenni - Prize from Caligene (2 Eggs accepted so far, thank you!)
    Sunrunner - Prize from Silver (2 Eggs accepted so far, thank you!)