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  1. Congrats to winners! This was a fantastic holiday season, and I really love the event. :3
  2. Helloooo, Rainbow Chicken! I'm... not actually happy to see you. This event was too much fun to want it to be over, after all. Thanks you, everyone who was involved!
  3. From the actual dragon species, I'd say a Mint. But any of the pygmies would also work... although I think any kind of drake would probably be a popular pet species, being small, personable, trainable, and pretty--hyperactivity of the Ochredrakes aside. Plus, I'd love to carry around cherries/grapes for my pet Day/Night Glory Drake's treats! Especially since I could fit the Glory in my other pocket! Out of the others... I'd imagine Nebulas (although those raised in cities would probably have more trouble observing the stars, so they'd probably not look as lovely as they otherwise might have), Splits, Dorsals, Sun/Moonstones, Ridgewings, Metallics, and maybe Stripes being show dragons, while the pillows could go for show, practical (it mentions their fur being harvested), and pet purposes (although can you imagine the shedding?). Waterhorses, although very sweet and playful, are too slimey out of water to make good pets, and Daydreams seem rather too hazardous. The Balloons would definitely be pets for families with young children, as would the Pinks and Purples. I can't really imagine something as large as a Skywing dragon, Gray dragon (temper!), or a Sunson amphiptere being kept as pet birds, but I'm sure that exotic pet lovers would adore the Neotropicals, Canopies, and Bright-Breasted Wyverns (if they've have their poisonous barbs removed) Horse dragons, Vine dragons, Guardian dragons, White dragons, and the various elemental dragons would probably have relatively practical uses. Of the water-going breeds, I can only really picture Shallow Water dragons being kept as pets. Paper dragons would probably be the perfect pet for a library. Whiptails would be used in races. The Holidiays would probably not make pets as often because of their limited breeding ability, although I can easily imagine the Pumpkins earning a reputation as pests. Neglected and Zombie dragons would probably be only useful as a sign to call the humane society.
  4. That really depends--what do you aim to do with it? Do you want to go out-of-state or stay wherever you live? Big school or smaller? I know that my own school, Michigan State University, has a fantastic zoology program. The veterinary science program is also one of the best in the country, and is rooted in MSU's founding as an agricultural college. I have a friend who's in the vet program for undergrad, and she's applying for the post-grad program here as well. It's a great school, and all bias aside I really can't recommend it enough. And if you were hoping to study abroad, we also have one of (if not) the best study abroad programs. Here are some other lists, though: Best Colleges for Zoology. A thread on top zoology programs. Largest Zoology Programs (Gives you an idea on which ones are most likely to retain funding, since animal science programs have that same unfortunate tendency as the arts and humanities do of being the first on the list to cut back on). Really, though, it's all going to depend on you. You're going to have to research your options, visit whichever ones you can, and apply, apply, apply. Good luck! Did you look into scholarships? Or maybe financial aid? Student loans can be a pain, but there are a lot of options. Ask your advisors and theatre teachers at school; the former are paid to know this sort of thing, and the latter went through it themselves. You can also try and find a job to help save up money beforehand, although in senior year you're already going to have a lot to juggle. Good luck, and I'm sure everything will work out amazingly!
  5. Ouch. I had that in my coop (cooperative housing) last year... my roommate smoked pot it in the room when I wasn't there, and even once while I was in bed when she thought I was asleep, despite how often I asked her to keep it outside. She ended up getting evicted for not being able to pay her rent, and I moved into a different coop. It's still full of drunks, but a much quieter one. I'm still the goody-two-shoes of the building, though. In any case, if you get really uncomfortable or worried that people on your floor could get you in trouble, talk to your RA about switching to a different floor. Plus, you could always try and figure out housing for next year early, especially if you know people who would make great apartment roommates. You're supposed to have enough fun in college to make drugs pointless, I think. :3 As for the discussion about science classes... it makes me very, very happy that my majors (humanities and creative writing) didn't require too many. I finished with math and science sophomore year. Sadly, this year I'll be delving into the wonderful world of grad school applications. I already took the GRE and got a range of 1430 to 1590 (the revised one doesn't give an exact score right away), though, so at least I don't have to worry about that... Also, Kamak? That prof sounds like proof against evolution. I'm an agnostic Jew myself (as for the 'somehow', it involves being raised by a highly unobservant catholic father and jewish mother, as well being surrounded by a highly eclectic collection of relatives), but people like that seriously tick me off. You can always complain to the higher-ups if he really crosses the line, or rate him badly if you guys have to do the same sort of surveys we do at the end of the semester, but you shouldn't have to. Lady_Nightfox, good job with the test, and I think that mudkip inclusion should merit you a hundred points of extra credit. If my opinion is actually worth anything in that aspect...
  6. AWESOMESAUCETASTIC. Sneaky TJ is better than a ninja.
  7. TJ, may I worship you? Please? Because you deserve to have an altar upon which tofurkey is sacrificed, you truly do.
  8. Kitsuru


    I'm not even going to try NaNo this time, I think... I've already failed three times (but I enjoyed each year, and loved the story ideas I came up with, so it was more than worth it!) I'm just so busy with school. I had four japanese tests and quizzes this week, along with about five essays... good luck to everyone who's been writing, though!
  9. This is my third year trying, I think. I didn't get anything last year or the year before, but this year I had a success. One of my frozen black hatchlings is now a zombie! I had a few disintigrations and one or two blade-dodgers, as well.
  10. Ooh... *watches the eyes she just found blink at her*
  11. Well, Halloween IS about hogging all the candy you can...
  12. If you want, you can pretend mine's yours.
  13. Okay, maybe only burn most of it. Unless it happens to be vegetarian, in which case it won't be around for much longer after I finish the chocolate...
  14. DARNIT. *pokes the gummy bat she just picked up and grumbles, since they aren't vegetarian* Note to self: Burn all of the gelatin in the world. BURN IT.
  15. Only managed to breed two little pumpkins, one of which was abandoned. But I picked up a chocolate bar! *omnoms gleefully*
  16. I love doing this, and I love it when people do it with my dragon's offspring as well. My favorite, though, has to be my stone Memorable... who was named that because her father was "Ignorable". I forgot the name of her mother, but I do remember that it was along the same vein. As for people doing it to mine, I always get a fluffy, spazzy feeling whenever I look at Padded Firetail, Silver Chime, and Gilded Creed.
  17. At the moment, I have seven more females than males. But I have over 150 of each, so it doesn't really unbalance them too much. :3
  18. Oh, gawd, these are gorgeous. *drools* MUST. GET.
  19. Ooooookaaaaaaay... I had the right trophy, the silver one, and now it's bronze. It still looks cute, though.
  20. They're adorable! *steals a few to for moar snugglage*
  21. *snuggles her silver 200 trophy* Precioussssssssssss... gollum, gollum. Thanks for being so epic, TJ!
  22. Glad we get to keep the eggs! *snuggles hers*
  23. Kitsuru gots them all, yes she did. And she is very proud of herself indeed.
  24. Mine's green. *snuggles it* I've still got eleven left to go, assuming japanese homework hasn't COMPLETELY demolished my ability to blink at the screen long enough to notice that there are twenty-seven pretty eggs there.