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  1. As a long time AoD and Vampire fan, I'd give my soul for a CB AoD.
  2. @banban007 Apologies for a slow reply, but Aegis is all yours. Probably going to make more different things tomorrow. Also my sent page isn't able to contain everything I've sent anymore.
  3. @InvaderAlexis Thank you for the bunny, that's a creative use of black sprinkles. Now I feel compelled to send you another cookie in return but I'm not sure what. Also the save/duplicate bug vehemently refuses to work for me, so I only have one Aegis up for grabs.
  4. @water-spirit Went with the Black Tea since I haven't used this color scheme much, hope you enjoy it.
  5. The tiny blush is absolutely adorable, thank you again! @water-spirit Scroll name is Rigante but I still need your favorite dragon for reasons.
  6. @tjenni Thank you for the penguin, it looks amazing. Going to send something in return shortly.
  7. Are waves still available, by any chance? I'd be glad to send a dragon cookie in return, just give me your favorite breed.
  8. @Twinstar I'd be happy to have a Rick, they look great Scroll name is Rigante.
  9. @Moriaty I really do wish we had a proper cyan/gold/grey, but at least these are all possible to substitute. Smaller brush size would definitely be appreciated though, because drawing feathers in 2 fps is a pain.
  10. Oh, I didn't know you were still doing the house crests. Could I bother you for a Slytherin one later, when you feel like it? I know I've already sent you two dragon cookies, but I'd happily make another - especially if you give me your favorite breed.
  11. @jewel21 I sent the original already but I did make another Omen for you. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. Just remembered that I have a weird Omen saved, if anyone wants it.
  13. A bit late, but I hope you enjoy this newly exalted Pitfire. Also @Moriaty I just noticed your AoD hatchling cookie, its adorable. Thank you.
  14. Those are absolutely glorious, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the little Jester in return.
  15. Wintertide and Hellhorse wings look really good. Any chance you are going to do Vampire/Avatar of Destruction? I'd love to see what you come up with.
  16. Its even more adorable close up, thank you again. Damn, now that's a creative use of frosting. But your Holly is really great too.
  17. The dancing Labradorite is all yours. He's surely showing all those Ribbon Dancers who is the real ribbon dancer here.
  18. Those 2 are a bit simpler, but let me know if anyone wants them.
  19. This one turned out great, I really like how soft it looks. Thank you! It's probably already gone but I really love the little vampire. Any chance you could make another?
  20. Hey, the sprinkles actually work rather well. Thank you!
  21. I do find it a bit odd that we didn't get a full fledged orange but got a beige instead, though I suppose that's because of colors being pastel. Even yellow is desaturated and closer to vanilla. Although on the other hand, we did get two shades of purple that stand out even though they are muted. I'd happily take one of either a vampire or avatar of destruction, and I don't think they are horrible at all. The yellow/pink wing is nice in its simplicity.
  22. Probably one of the more challenging dragons so far but this was fun. @KDA_Killed That checker snowman is probably my favorite, looks really clean too.