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  1. H: CB Blue Sapphire Cheese W: CB Blue Electric or 2g AoD from Blue Electric for Sapphire. CB Blue Electric or CB Red for Cheese. Trade links: Sapphire. Cheese.
  2. 2g Umbra from [F] Pink Sapphire.
  3. H: CB almost all-number code Cantor W: CB Blue Electric Trade link.
  4. The last surviving remnants of my now-released Vampire army have rather mundane names compared to the rest of you. I'll probably keep the trend when I begin rebuilding it, though - at the very least it is simple and consistent. https://dragcave.net/group/177189
  5. Z-code deadline Silver Tinsel. Please name.
  6. Not a fan of doubleposting, but I need someone to quickly hold an egg for me. This shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes. Done, thank you @purplehaze
  7. Well, that is mildly upsetting - though mostly because it means that I've wasted several people's time. This was the lineage in question: Really liked the colors but at least I can still turn it into a deadline and work only with Wintertides/AoDs, I guess. Regardless, thanks for confirming.
  8. Need a little confirmation since something has come to my attention. For dual element dragons like Astaarus [Light/Fire], Aeria Gloris [Magi/Lightning], Xols [Fire/Water], is it possible to breed both corresponding Avatars when paired with a GoN, or does only the first element determine which Avatar you will get? As in, one could only get AoCs from an Astaarus but and never an AoD, despite the fact that it belongs to Fire element? I was under impression that both outcomes are possible but now I'm not so certain, which is quite an issue as I'm currently preparing for a lineage that might not even be achievable.
  9. Need some assistance with erasing an influence - changed some plans for my lineage and realized that I can still re-influence instead of breeding another one. A quick bounce would be appreciated. @0x08 Can do, feel free to PM. All done, thank you.
  10. Probably has been asked several times before, but what is a relative value of CB Zyus - niche preferences aside. Which of these would be reasonable: Two CB BSAs [reds/pinks]; One 2g Pink Sapphire [assuming Sapphire parent(s) are both pink]; One 2-3g Metal; One 2-3g Aeon; One 3g Prize; One CB Trio. Asking because I never really traded for Zyus but I know that catching them can be somewhat of a hassle, though mostly because of their drop rates.
  11. Thanks @Ruffledfeathers for this one, Graves are one of my favorite pairings for AoDs. I'm looking forward to continuing this line when able.
  12. H: CB Female Pink W: CB Male Pink Trade link.
  13. H: CB Pink Sapphire W: 3g Silver Tinsel from Garlands, Albinos, or Amarignis. Trade link.
  14. H: CB Magma 3g AoC SAltkin W: 1 CB Red or Pink hatchling for each. Magma. AoC.
  15. You made me doublecheck and I'm in the same situation. Was at 1732 before reset, at my cap right now - yet the counter is clearly displaying wrong information. No extra shards on my part however, the cap is 'proper'. Probably just a minor code error. Pretty sure I've seen this happen before as well, though I might be mistaken.
  16. Was hoping we'd see the wall end sooner, but then again this is the first time I've seen event eggs go so low. Too bad its already 6 AM so I'll probably miss the hatchling wave.